Where Do You Get Your Clothes?

  I’ve been asked on occasion Where do you get your clothes? and found myself floundering for a response. I usually say, I don’t know — which I realize is spectacularly unhelpful and probably seems evasive, too. So, I am thinking through the question and the answer now, and writing it down here for future reference. … Read more

Needs a Bracelet

  Most outfits needs a little jewelry — a necklace, brooch or bracelet — to look finished. Of these choices, bracelets are the easiest to coordinate with an ensemble and their versatility makes them the best investment of any money you’ve set aside for jewelry. If you still need convincing, consider: The women who write … Read more

The Fatal Allure of Prints

  I am drawn to prints of all varieties — stripes, bold graphics, florals, abstracts. But the reality is, printed dresses are not a sound investment: they can look dated quickly; they present a definite look, but only one look — which can’t be changed easily with accessories; they can overwhelm the person wearing them … Read more

April Showers Preparedness

  A trench coat is a key element of the professional woman’s wardrobe.  It is the correct outerwear for suits, dresses and other work-wear when the temperature is between 55 and 70 degrees, and it confers elegance upon casual ensembles including jeans and sneakers.  While the words “trench coat” probably conjure a general picture in … Read more

Alterations Needed

  Very few people match the measurements of mass-produced clothing. You have undoubtedly observed that sizing varies wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but blamed yourself for not being able to find clothes that fit you perfectly. Read on, and you’ll realize that you’re lucky when anything comes close. Efforts to standardize sizing were undertaken at … Read more

Asking the Right Questions

  Being properly dressed (or, if we are striving, well-dressed), requires a little bit of planning each day. A surprisingly small amount. For me, every work day starts the night before with three questions, asked in rapid succession: What should I wear to work tomorrow? What can I wear to work tomorrow? What am I … Read more