A Weight Off My Mind

  Do you know this feeling: the elation of solving a small problem that has been occupying an outsized percentage of your mental space? Finding the chair is more than half the battle and the customization that remains is the fun part: fabric, finish, casters.   I have to talk to the showroom about whether … Read more

How to Pack for Vacation

  The Directrice presents: How to Pack for Vacation.   Perhaps some of you are thinking, Thanks for nothing, Directrice. I took my vacation in July.   Please don’t be mad. Perhaps this advice will be useful next year. Or, perhaps you won’t find it useful at all, and therefore can’t be mad that it’s … Read more

In the Form of a PSA

  Just wanted to bring your attention to a few sale items before they are all gone! You will see some of them in the next few weeks modeled by the Directrice (that’s me) and others I just admire. You could probably call JCrew customer service to request the measurements of these particular items. Consider … Read more

Bonus Post: The Photographer’s Favorites

  In honor of The Directrice’s 200+ posts, and of our country’s Independence Day, The Photographer offers some of his favorite shoots with a little information about the technical side of creating the images. Captions written by The Directrice! I didn’t know anything about photography when my wife started The Directrice. I thought of myself … Read more

Rhyme and Reason

  For reasons I don’t entirely understand, I was issued a credit rather than a refund from MatchesFashion.COM several months ago and my repeated emails to customer service did not yield a proper refund. Because I love MatchesFashion.COM — a love that may not be reciprocated — I let the issue go and have been … Read more

In Which The Directrice Extends Her Holiday

  Hello!   Just dropping you a line to let you know that I have unilaterally extended my holiday and expect to be back on-line April 25th.   During my break I have been pursuing new interests, like knitting and Poldark. Knitting is very relaxing, so peaceful and rhythmic. But of course it can also … Read more

And Now for Something Totally Different

  When I told friends that I was launching a style blog in February 2015, many of them told me that I should, instead, blog about interior design. My first reaction was: YOu dOn’t LIkE mY cLOthEs? My more reasoned, less paranoid response was: Absolutely not! Those interior design bloggers work hard. They’re fixing up … Read more

I Can See Clearly Now

  Thanks to sunblock and exercise, our forties are not our grandmothers’ forties. But there is one part of the body that has continued to age as it did, unswayed by lifestyle choices: the eyeballs.   In Q3 2015 I went from being a person who wore reading glasses for ease to being a person … Read more

A Micro-PSA

  I don’t normally post on the weekends, but wanted to bring these two dresses to your attention because they are (a) on sale and (b) available in a range of sizes at present but perhaps not for long. From Avenue 32, I give you: You may now resume your weekend.

Top Hat

  I grew up in northern New England (the southern part of northern New England, if you follow), which means that I spent my youth in cold temperatures. My mother dressed me appropriately in snowsuits, boots, and hats when I was little, but as soon as I was a teenager, I followed the local custom … Read more