A Rage for Novelty

I have a feeling that a year or two hence, I will look back on the tops I’ve been showing over the last three months and wonder What was I thinking? But for now, I am thinking that novelty appeals — and that elaborate sleeves are charming.

I am so deep into elaborate sleeves, I’ve convinced myself that this sweater is versatile.
Note: Versatile, not timeless.
I could see this sweater worn on its own (as shown here), or worn over a patterned or striped t-shirt (see the video below), or over a blouse with epic sleeves (like this one).
Am I becoming weirder?
Has the search for novelty taken a weird turn? Am I becoming weirder?

Yes, you may becoming weirder
Yes, I may be becoming weirder
These sleeves are bifurcated (and only partially attached) at the elbow and then split from the elbow to cuff.
Very dramatic!

Dramatic, but not practical. A number of everyday activities are significantly less easy and graceful in this sweater — like washing one’s hands.
I think it goes without saying that I will not be operating any industrial machinery while wearing this sweater. For more dangerous clothes, see last week’s Big Shirt.
But that's ok
But that’s ok

The Photographer felt that a little video footage would be useful.
The end is supposed to make you laugh.

Tie closure
Observe tie closure
Come closer and witness to the details.
Sleeve detail
Note sleeve detail

And now, an interlude. I have a visitor.
Look who's come calling
Look who’s come calling
You know this only ends one way
You know this only ends one way

I simply cannot resist a cat within arms’ range.
Smash and grab
Must pick up

Sleeves good for hoisting cat
Sleeves are good for hoisting cat
Harper and I have been in this shame spiral for 16 years.

Today’s post includes visual references* to two icons of dance. The first person to identify both gets a Directrice mug.
Sweater: Intermix; Jeans: JCrew; Watch: Shinola Birdie; Shoes: Lazio Collezione
no caption

* I have taken some license in these references. One is a person and the other is a work. They are not perfect reproductions, so go with your first instinct and don’t overthink the specifics.

17 thoughts on “A Rage for Novelty”

    • Toronto Modern is on top of her morning! I think that “ans” is supposed to be “swans”? One of your answers is spot-on, the other is close but not what I had in mind. This means (for the rest of you), the coffee mug is still up for grabs. Closest answer wins it at the end of the day!

  1. Well, I immediately thought Martha Graham, but those dangling sleeves are much more Isadora Duncan before her scarf-induced demise…..Since the only dance piece I can think of right now is L’Apres Midi d’un Faun, I’m gonna go there. But you look NOTHING like Nijinksky.

    Please do not wear that sweater while driving in an open-top jalopy. I enjoy your posts too much!

  2. Totally impractical for me to wear as I use ASL to communicate all day at work… the fluttering would make people around me crazy! If there comes a time when you’re “done” you could always detach the bottoms and have a lovely (albeit plain) ivory sweater with the length of sleeve I adore. Love the entertainment! Thank you!

  3. Actually it seems to me that Harper and the Directrice are doing a pretty good version of Ginger and Fred in the hoisting pic. Love this top but when ‘done’ I’d try stitching up the forearms, aiming for a long-sleeve wool t-shirt with the interesting detail of a bow at the split elbow, rather than excising them entirely.

    • I had to look Loie Fuller up, PJ! I recognized the images, but had not known her name. Martha Graham, however, is correct.

    • Okay, I guess “Dirty Dancing” isn’t a person or a work, but I thought perhaps you were Patrick Swayze to Harper’s Jennifer Grey.

    • And what a comment it is, Shopgrrrl. It made me laugh out loud. Despite outward appearances, I think Harper is Patrick Swayze in this scenario. Thank you for lurking and posting!


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