Dressing Up Whilst WFHing

The other morning, I told The Photographer, “I need to wear an outfit.”

By this, I meant: I need to wear something more than a sweater with action slacks.
It didn’t take much to satisfy me: a tunic and cropped sweater (with action slacks) fit the bill.
Dressed up!

You feel deceived? You think I am not dressed up?
You may remember this tunic from past posts. It was last seen (by you) in the Coastal Valley of Chile.
I bought it during an end-of-year sale several years ago and because I wasn’t sure about the sizing, found myself with two sizes — one of which I passed on to a younger (and much taller) colleague. I hope that one day we will both arrive at the office wearing it.
The front of this tunic is a crisp poplin, but the back is a semi-transparent synthetic. The combination allows the tunic to fit nicely (smooth, comfortable) under a snug jacket or cropped top and then flare into, and hold, a pretty bell shape over the hips. So graceful.

Come now; the rules have changed
I can’t talk to you when you are like this

Because the back is transparent, I wear a camisole under it. And because it’s boxy, I wear something over it to create a little shape.
This sweater, with its cut-out back, might seem a misguided choice (a cut-out over a transparency to achieve modesty?) but I think it’s fine for a day at the office.
Not that anyone saw the cut-out on my video chats, but I knew it was there

As always, however, you are the judge.
I’m right, right?
Back-up, close; I mean, “Back, up-close”

See the bell? Or belling?
You’ve seen this sweater vest before, too.
It’s a little ridiculous, but surprisingly useful.

O.K. It’s not useful, but it has its uses. It’s a good layering piece and it’s interesting: tweedy yarn, cut-out, and a fringed trim around the neckline.
Useful to me

All the fruit trees were in full bloom when we took these photos, so scroll back up and take a few seconds to enjoy the pink behind me.
Fringe, up-close

For those who missed my sneaky weekend post, it’s right here. All readers should share a museum experience and identify the piece of art that — if they were criminally inclined — they would steal for their own.
Sweater: Jonathan Simkhai; Tunic: Vince; Pants: Prana; Sneakers: Converse Platform Lug Sole High Tops; Bag: Orla Kiely

4 thoughts on “Dressing Up Whilst WFHing”

  1. Your “vest” is a little like chest armor. You have other articles of clothing that mimic this kind of layering – and I love it!

  2. Thank you for affirming the “I need to wear an outfit” moment! The colorful accent of your watch band, and the pink/green combo (watch/shoes), are cheery and spring-y. Inspiring! Also curious: how have you cultivated your backdrop for Zoom (or whatever) meetings?

  3. It’s good to see that The Directrice is putting on clothes with waistbands. This WFH business can be so relaxing, one might forget to keep fitting into pants and skirts that we love.
    The shirt with the two fabrics is interesting. I like that the back isn’t just a solid piece, it’s got texture and pattern. When this sort of thing first started showing up I thought, “oh they’re just doing that to save money, stretching the fine fabric with something less expensive.” After adding a few things to my wardrobe I see tha while it might save the manufacture a few cents, it also gives a garmet different volume and flow. I for one might prefer that my backside be encased in somthing that isn’t puffy and full.


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