I Have Seen the Future, and It Is Pink

I Have Seen the Future, and It Is Pink

Do women dress for other women, or for men?
Do we care? Is this question worth answering? It’s a little bit interesting. I tend to think that women dress — in general — for other women because women are more likely to take note of, and appreciate, the method and the details.

I dress (in part) for The Photographer, who, notwithstanding his confusion about the difference between a dress and a skirt, always appreciates a stylish appearance.
As a science writer and science fiction enthusiast, The Photographer likes the modern, streamlined aesthetic embodied in films like Gattaca and 2001 . . . and Star Trek.
If the Photographer had selected our wedding clothes
If the Photographer had selected my wedding dress

I can do that!

I can so do that!
I can so do that!

Do I need to show them the side? How about I show them the back?
Do I need to show them the side? How about I show them the back?
Ordinarily a pink top might seem girlish and old-fashioned, not edgy and futuristic.
But this one, by Viktor & Rolf, is definitely not girlish and old-fashioned. Made of a pale pink lamé, this fabric almost looks like it is made with glitter. Under the lamé is a darker rose silk layer designed to show through the strategically placed slits.

Follow me on a tour of key points of interest.
Here's the back
The back; tightly controlled tour of key points of interest may be hiding certain aspects from viewer

Do I have to show them the side view?
Do I have to show them the side view?
Yes, you have to show them the top in profile; they have a right to know
Yes, you have to show them the top in profile; they have a right to know

Here is a view from the side.
I am cracking up.
This view reminds me of the scene in Inside Out, when Joy, Sadness, and Bing-Bong enter the area designated “Abstract Thinking” and begin to deconstruct. I am also seeing a strong resemblance to the big photocopier in my office; that flap looks like the door to all the paper trays.
I think this top has to go to work. My colleagues deserve to see it, and they may even need to see it. Consider this rule of thumb: If you don’t hear a voice in your head at least once a day saying, “WhAT aM I SEeiNG?” perhaps you aren’t getting enough visual and aesthetic stimulation in your daily life.
WTF?!?! Directrice in profile
WhAT aM I SEeiNG?! You are seeing the Directrice deconstructed (in profile)

Pinking shears were here
Pinking shears were here
Pinking shears have been used to create those slits.
The asymmetrical slit down one side? That’s not strange.

Shark attack!
Shark attack!
The slash across the midsection that looks oddly like a shark’s mouth? Yes, that’s a little weird.
O.K. Very weird. But you can’t look away, can you?

Notwithstanding my willingness to entertain Metro riders and my colleagues, it’s always good to have a plan to normalize one’s appearance. One never knows what might come up over the course of the day or who may appear in the office.
A tweed blazer provides a veneer of normalcy.
This blazer, you may remember is a little boxy — and therefore fits well over this boxy, not form-fitting top. In addition to the convex lines of the top’s silhouette, the fabric is a little stiff and rough. It needs space.

Here we are
Ready to radiate normalcy while meeting with unexpected visitor
Normal but not dull. Elements of the top — lamé/glitter, pinking sheared slit — are still on display.
Looking at these photos, I am wondering how this would look with ankle boots. It’s very cold in Washington today and I’ve been hiding inside. Black ankle boots would probably be very effective and provide warmth.

The shoes I am wearing are at least 10 years old. I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep them alive this long. I have had them re-soled periodically and I never allow them to get wet.
They may be the perfect shoes: perfect vamp, perfect height provided by a small (1.25″) wedge heel. I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement pair for years and haven’t found anything quite as wonderful. If you see something, say something!
side view of acket
The blouse is more flattering in profile when it is hidden under the jacket

Take note of the belt. It looks like a mash-up of two belts, but it is one deliberate design: mismatched buckles, joined with thin leather ties.
In case you are wondering how the belt really works, the buckles are inoperative and the leather tie is decorative. The closure is in the back.
This belt is kind of blowing my mind
This belt is kind of blowing my mind

Top: Viktor & Rolf from YOOX here; Jacket: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Belt; Maison Margiela 11 from YOOX here; Shoes: Lazio Collezione
The Directrice as Vulcan cocktail waitress
The Directrice as Vulcan cocktail waitress

14 thoughts on “I Have Seen the Future, and It Is Pink”

  1. Ok, this post cracks me up. I’m such a Star Trek fan and your musing and photos tickle my funny bone. The tour around your top was very satisfying. I love the colour and texture of it. What a great belt too… *Live long and prosper*

  2. Def for other women! Or for myself really. I don’t think men understand fashion in my workplace and I am married so Id on’t care about them anyway.

  3. Outfit is lovely. And the belt is FANTASTIC!!!!
    I definitely dress for myself – my choices are based on colors, textures, styles that I like and that I feel comfortable wearing! Thankfully, my neighbors, friends, colleagues and cohorts are generally neither ‘overwhelmed’ nor ’embarrassed’ by my choices! 🙂

  4. The top is a bit too much for me (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear lamé), but I love your writing, and The Photographer’s file naming choices. And the belt. Greetings from sunny Paraguay!

  5. Love it, but the last time I wore a lamé blouse when traveling (the thought was that since it was a same day trip down and back to LA I wouldn’t have time to change and didn’t want to take a suitcase) I set of the TSA alarms and ended up having a very unpleasant pat-down. Just saying, don’t wear this when you are traveling by plane.

  6. I think the ‘Vulcan cocktail waitress’ quip is vintage Directrice. Fortunately I was not in a public place when I read it, no doubt passers-by and any stray horses would have been startled by my burst of laughter.
    The top? Might it work better if the flap fastened further over under the bust, possibly angled somewhat downwards to (a) show off more of the lining (b) accommodate the Directrice’s (enviously slim) hips while avoiding a worrisome junction under the bust (c) increase the visible asymmetry under the jacket?

  7. I adore the touch of using pinking shears on the top, that little detail elevates it from Star Trek (the Uhura years) to interesting for me.

  8. For more wearability, and for less temptation of people peering into the “slot/flap/slit” across my midriff, I would probably haul out that sewing machine and do a quick connecting of the piece…just across. The darting at the neck is gorgeous! That’s what I think…

  9. I think of myself as stylish but suspect my husband only really registers 2 types of outfit on me : ‘looks like all your other dresses’ or ‘looks like a caftan’ (the latter for anything with interesting volume).

    The very nice fit on your shoulders and neck are what make this top I think. The exotic details lower down are just a bonus.

  10. Sheer hilarity. Full disclosure: I bought a tunic to wear for this past New Years specifically because it had a hippie Star Trek vibe (complete with batik fabric print and a nutty neckline). So of course I love this.

  11. I am cracking up too! I literally gasped when I saw the first side view! I thought, that’s the worst maternity blouse ever. (Knowing full well that’s not what it is meant to be.) From the photos, the lame’ looks lovely, as does everything but the tummy bulge/shark mouth. The jacket saves it for me.

    I’ve always dressed for myself. If other women give positive feedback, that’s the icing on the cake.

  12. This is a very funny blog. I love the idea of you realising that your top looks like the photocopier tray in your office. I would have noticed that, & would have spied that tricky belt buckle in a second and never been fooled by your effort at normalcy. I thought of you and your photographer before Christmas when I saw a woman at court who was very distracting until I realised why, which was, that she looked a great deal like B’Elanna Torres (unfortunately minus the forehead add on).

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