The Directrice Is Fifty

I’m fifty! I am my mother’s fifty year old baby.

Decades of irrational fears . . . all for naught. I have not been carried off by a crocodile, a tsunami, spontaneous combustion, or ebola.
Perhaps my fears of domestic hazards — hot things (the oven, set to broil) and sharp things (large knives) and various electrical cords — have been overblown?
Directice = Survivor

We’ll never know for certain
Having made it to fifty — which I’ve been thinking of as the half-way point even though . . . most people don’t live to be 100 — maybe it’s time to let go of fear.
Then again, perhaps fear has kept me alive.

Intellectually, I know that my irrational fears are nothing more than a source of entertainment (terror and amusement) and my longevity (half-longevity) is due to luck — the luck of good health,* the luck of accident avoidance.
But I don’t want to get stuck today on the concept of luck. Such reflections always begin cheerfully and then become grim because ruminations on luck always lead thoughtful people (like you and me) to ruminations on arbitrary misfortune.** And that leads to guilt.
So instead, I will say this: I am delighted to be fifty. My forties were wonderful and I have very high hopes and expectations for the coming decade. Age is freedom!
The Directrice knows that she is more lucky than deserving

On to the true business of The Directrice
Now a few quick words on clothes.
For mild fall, a cotton sweater with sculptural details. This sweater reminds me of the film adaptation of Possession (A.S. Byatt’s novel), which (as we’ve previously discussed) was a Good Movie For Clothes. Now I want to watch the film and re-read the book.

And because it’s my birthday, I will show you another tiny, unnecessary bag from the deep recesses of my closet and beg your indulgence.
I am usually so pragmatic about bags, but every once in a while, I cannot resist a tiny, unnecessary bag. But I pick them up cheaply, on sale. This one came from Furla’s 2018 end-of-year sale.
Your indulgence, my indulgence

So irresistible!
Lavender and crimson, tapestry shot with metallic threads, shiny hardware are the obvious attractions.
But there’s more.
There’s always more

An inexplicably unrelated, whimsical handle!
White leather? Hot air balloons? Orange? Scalloping?
I expect that I have not just your indulgence but your full support.
Who could say no to this?

Sweater: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Pants: JCrew; Bag: Furla Metropolis; Watch: Shinola; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff
* I had a terrible episode of Norovirus several years ago, but it actually jump-started a very successful effort to shed a few pounds. That’s luck.
** I know that I’m lucky. In 1988, Jim Hightower described George H.W. Bush as a man who “was born on third base, but thinks he hit a triple.”

23 thoughts on “The Directrice Is Fifty”

  1. Welcome to the 6th decade, D! I can’t wait for you to start covering hot flash apparel. It is a challenge figuring out how to dress for the hourly blow torch to the upper torso sensation…

  2. LOL about George H. W. Bush! Love that quote!

    Many happy returns of your birthday. When I turned 60, I announced to my colleagues, mostly millennials, that I was now 2/3 through with my life. They looked stunned, but it’s likely true, esp if I continue to have good luck.

    The handle of the purse is totally unexpected and whimsical. J’adore! (I’m reading L’appart, which is making me speak French and laugh out loud.)

  3. Mazel tov and many happy returns, as my grandma Jean used to say. She was a stylish lady who was an artist’s model in the ’20s and later worked as a saleslady at the old Lewis & Thomas Saltz department store in DC (a contemporary of the downtown Garfinkles). I could never hope to match her style but I can tell you that she would take one look at you and say, in her best saleslady voice, “stunning, madame!”

  4. Happy Birthday! I love that sweater and that bag. As we all inch along towards the final deadline, I am grateful to have your honesty and style help me stand taller and enjoy every day!
    I just bought (consignment) a skirt by Diane Von Furstenburg that is simply to die for, and which I wouldn’t have had the courage to wear if I weren’t in my 50s.

    To your health!

  5. Happy birthday!! November babies are the best if I may say so myself (as a fellow November baby). I agree with you that ageing is freedom. Life gives all the lessons you need to learn and getting older allows you to apply all those life lessons and let go of everything that held you back. Hope you had a wonderful day and many more.

  6. Happy birthday, and welcome to a new decade, from a fellow November baby who reached her 50s three years ago. Wishing you much health, happiness, and whimsicality.

  7. Happy Birthday! I love the whimsical aspects of your style. I also love Possession (the book), but remember being disappointed by the movie. Maybe I need to watch it again for the clothes. 😉 Another excellent clothes movie is Bright Star.

  8. Happy Birthday! I was nervous about turning 50, and then realized as the day passed that I wasn’t really turning anything, I was merely a day older than the day before. And I was pleased to feel the same as I had the previous day, and truth be told, probably the whole previous year, so it wasn’t such a milestone after all. I nonetheless ordered a fabulous cake and had a big party which I thoroughly enjoyed, which made me think only that I should have more birthday parties, they’re much more fun than worrying about getting older. I’m so glad to hear you’re delighted to be 50, enjoy every moment!

  9. Happy Birthday! I was nervous about turning 50 because Major Bad Things happened the day I turned 30 and again the day I turned 40. But 50 was fine, and now I’m striding through 51!

    I love your sweater and the purse.

  10. Through the wishes are belated, they are none the less heartfelt. Thank you for the gift you share with us every time you post – I wish I was able to gift you in return.


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