The Search for New Khakis, Part I

Though I’ve occasionally made fun of khakis on this blog, I am actually a huge fan of the pants, the fabric, and the larger concept.
I bought a couple of pairs from Ann Taylor back in 2009 that I love — but after 8 years of use, the tiny percentage of spandex (s-t-r-e-t-c-h) in them seems to have lost its memory and stretched out beyond respectability, beyond even plausible deniability. I can no longer say, I thought these pants fit. I plan to take them to Fatima for consultation, but have realized that I may just need to let . . . them . . . go.
I’ve been diligently scouting new khakis and have found two pairs I like. Today, behold the Freeport khaki from Talbots!
full length front
Freeport khaki is dressy khaki

full length side
Giant safety pin is, literally, linch-pin of this ensemble
These khakis are not traditional — i.e., 100% cotton. Instead, the fabric is 56% cotton, 40% rayon, and 4% spandex. That mix of fibers suggests Dry Clean Only to me, but the care label says Machine Wash. We’ll see, she said darkly.
The weight of these pants may be too heavy for summer use; I may only be able to wear them in spring and fall. We’ll see about that, too.
Here is my review.
Pros: Slim fitting, nice straight legs. Comfortable. Very tidy looking.
Cons: Fit is too big through the waist, and needs to be taken in an inch so that hips sit properly.
Temporary Fix: Waist is currently cinched with a giant safety pin.

Altogether, these khakis could be real contenders and if they came in a light stone color, I’d buy those, too. But of far greater interest is my top, no?
A charming, abstract floral for spring! The shape is vaguely retro and extremely feminine. I added a narrow black belt for extra definition at the waist.
3/4 view
Belt is operating independently from safety pin; safety pin works alone

Come closer and see the asymmetrical, standing collar, which brings to mind the works of Frank Gehry.
come closer
Do you see the Guggenheim Bilbao? Perhaps if you squint a little?

Directrice 360™ will allow a panoramic view.
close up front
close up left arm
Side! Featuring “arm”

close up back
close up right arm
Another side? I guess that’s right . . .

I have included one photo showing the blouse unbelted — just for comparison.
I think it looks much smarter with the belt. What do you think?
full length unbelted
Just when the safety pin was starting to like having the belt around . . .

dainty siranos!
Dainty is as dainty does
And finally, we finish with my favorite spring shoes: The Dainty Sianos by Doc Marten. These shoes were such a good purchase. They don’t go with everything, but when they do go, they are actually perfect.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Pants: Talbots Freeport Pant Double-Weave; Blouse: Aquilano-Rimondi from YOOX; Belt: JCrew; Shoes:Doc Marten Siano; Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Stachel

9 thoughts on “The Search for New Khakis, Part I”

  1. Ha! I would have spotted that distinctive yellow stitching a mile off. Thanks for shopping British 🙂 They look cute. I wouldn’t call these khaki – that’s a warm greyed green this side of the pond. Agree that the belt has a wow factor. Great job on the neckline pics, Photographer.

  2. The pants look great on you — I agree w/ your pros and cons, but I’d add another con — pockets in the side seams. For me, that is an immediate disqualifier. On you, not so much!

  3. Very, very nice. I think this is one smart and becoming outfit. I like the blouse with and without the belt. The shoes are terrific. It is so pleasing to see pants that fit beautifully.

  4. The belt, definitely, although I’d have said the opposite without the benefit of the pics. And the shoes are an inspired match !

  5. I prefer without the belt.
    The shirt has a lovely collar and I like the flow of the material with the pants without any interruptions. If the top were with a straight skirt then I might like the belt better.

  6. I, too, like the whole ensemble without the belt and love the blouse in particular with its lovely collar that pays homage to your face and hair. Wear it sometime with a black tulip skirt and or black straight leg pants. The khakis tell me that Talbots has a great cut for you. Love the shoes! Kate


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