Rip Cord

Merry Christmas! I assume that readership will be down over the next few days and have indexed my effort accordingly.

But perhaps my assumption is wrong and readership will not be down, but irregular (checking the Internet in stolen moments) and desperate (seeking The Directrice as a refuge from travel and familial difficulties) — in which case, I should be putting special effort into this post.
Too late! It’s already done!
My avatar, Anxious Mouse, is here for you

Posy, looking resentful (or guilty) in front of the tree
Take a moment to enjoy my tree, as I have every night for the last two weeks. It’s a particularly well-shaped Frasier Fir and smells like heaven.
I should have had the top trimmed a little when the man with the chainsaw tidied up the bottom of the tree. I tried to do it myself after the tree was up and fully decorated — on a ladder, with a bread knife — but gave up when I realized that there was an excellent chance that I would fall off the ladder into the tree.
APPLAUSE for my excellent judgment and self-control in deciding not to injure myself and letting this imperfection stand.

Now, some slightly eerie photos.
Making the transition from outdoor to indoor photography each fall is not unlike making the transition from indoor to outdoor courts in the spring (for those who play tennis). There is a period of adjustment where everything feels a little off.
But the Photographer and I have contrived.
The point of today’s post is: Cozy layers can work with a suit. We have here, a striped tee under a cozy cardigan, under a tweed jacket. Note that the ribbed cuffs of the cardigan extend well past the end of my jacket’s sleeves. That is intentional.

I know the layers work because I wore them to work

Oh yes I did
For those who thought Weight Securing System was a bridge too far, I give you: The Rip-Cord. Which is, admittedly, ridiculous and does look like something I stole from an airplane.
Perhaps some of you are struggling for words. For those hoping that I am only wearing this belt in the seclusion of my own living room, brace yourself. I wore this to work.
Note: I would not (NOT) wear this belt to a client meeting or professional conference. It’s only for a quiet day at the office with no appointments.

Come closer and observe the “PULL” tab and product label — stitched down securely and printed, partially, in Cyrillic letters.*

The USS Kelvin flees from a Borg ship cloaked as a Chinese takeaway box
Let no one say that The Photographer does not have a say in the decoration of the tree.
Hallmark makes a new Starfleet vessel each Christmas. Hallmark!?

Jacket, pants, sweater, t-shirt: all JCrew, all wicked old (I am in New Hampshire for Christmas); Belt: Heron Preston; Shoes: 8 from YOOX
* The buckle on this belt is really heavy. In a pinch, it could serve as a weapon. Useful.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to do a Christmas post! Although you said you wouldn’t wear this belt on a day you had client meetings, I picture you grabbing the Pull tab, superhero style, and discarding the belt with a flourish if a sudden meeting came up.


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