The Bow to Top All Bows

Did you think I had forsaken you?
Never! I have simply planned my week poorly and am running late with everything except Harper’s insulin shots. We snapped these photos in the front driveway while waiting for an urgent pizza delivery.

In my search for sophisticated tops for my best friend’s high school reunion,* I became enamored of the one-shoulder look which I like so much better than the cold-shoulder. It’s very Grecian. Very muse. Possibly very goddess.
I had to have one.

It’s delightful
Can you guess what drew me to this particular specimen?
The bow! Have you ever seen such a floppsilicious thing?
I also think the calico[s] are charming.

Take a moment to absorb the bow.
It's delicious
It’s delicious

It's de-lovely
It’s delectable
The bow is absurdly large, but the fabric is thin and soft. So it has presence, without bulk. It’s a gentle giant.

I could have purchased a matching — i.e., multi-tier calico — skirt, but that seemed like overkill to me. As my best friend’s mother would say, Too much of a muchness.
It's delectable
It’s delirious

The top with a pair of skinny (skinny-ish) jeans is just the right amount of muchness for a casual evening or weekend.
It's de-lovely
It’s de-lovely

You've spotted the problem; do you see the solution?
You’ve spotted the problem; do you see the solution?
Evenings or weekends! The one-shoulder look is no more appropriate for work than the cold-shoulder.
In fact, it is less appropriate. Unless . . .

How could we make this right?
A smart jacket for office wear — to enjoy the bow and the calico on Casual Friday.
The solution to so many problems is a smart jacket; never forget that
The solution to so many problems is a smart jacket; never forget that

The thing that grew from her shoulder: a giant, calico barnacle
The thing that grew from her shoulder: a giant, calico barnacle

I actually like the bow topping the jacket. It’s like an irrepressible performer who can’t be contained.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Now just a little more mugging
One last bit of mugging

Top: Anna October Contrast-print One-Shoulder Cotton Top from; Jeans: JCrew; Smart Jacket: Benetton; Shoes: Nike Cortez
* She decided on the Marni top for the evening dinner and, in the ultimate tribute to this moi, a Helmut Lang Pieced Scarf-Print Silk Top (layered with some other things) for daytime.

11 thoughts on “The Bow to Top All Bows”

  1. Somewhat miraculously, you manage to pull off that top! I might like it better without the little ruffle in the middle. And I can’t stop thinking of Wilma Flintstone when I see a one-shoulder top, thanks to one of your readers. But I think the calico makes this work. And your lovely shoulder. It’s like Wilma meets Laura (Ingalls Wilder). Who woulda thought?

    P.S. Reunion is weekend after this one. Will report back on how clothing went over. Thanks again for your help!

  2. Love the calico/bow top a lot. The jacket will work but the top on its own is the real deal. You look fabulous in it.

  3. Alas the top would be too impractical for me – I must have sleeves and wear a proper bra, but I look at this post and grin. You look like pure whimsy! I see you wearing this top with wide legged linen palazzo pants and a big hat in the sun…

  4. I think maybe I visit your blog for your vocabulary and literary references 🙂

    One of the things that I think is most enjoyable about fashion is that we as women can indulge in whimsy regardless of our age, and this top is the perfect exposition of “as my whimsy takes me.”

  5. It’s perfect for you! I like the bow with the jacket. I hope you will model it with the skirt, even if you don’t venture out for more than the photoshoot.

    I was someplace this weekend where there were a lot of cutout shoulder tops and I am not so taken with them. About half the time I think the person is missing their arms. I saw one woman whose tattoo peeked out of the cutout shoulder, and I liked that, otherwise I think it’s not going to be something I add to my closet.
    Might you consider strappy sandals to give it a little lighter look?

    • GingerR — I see this top with so many things: denim skirt, white pants of several types, tan, wide linen trousers. Also I agree that strappy sandals would be great; I just haven’t taken mine out of the storage yet. Must do that.


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