The Directrice’s Last Idea

My dears! I have run (temporarily) out of ideas.

I had creative bursts in December and February where I wrote down three dozen ideas for posts and The Photographer and I stockpiled many sets of photos.
But in the last month, two unfortunate trends have converged: my supplies of ideas and photos have dwindled and my work schedule has exploded — which leaves me with nothing for you.
Well, not nothing; I give you this!

More of my last idea
I need to take a couple of weeks to come up with new material . . . and turn my closets around.
I hope that moths have not taken up residence in my sweaters. I feel so afraid. I’ve just been so busy.
For the next few weeks, I am going to re-post some chestnuts from the archives. But I will turn off the email announcements so that you aren’t pestered with urgent messages bearing old news.

I hosted a get-together last Saturday and invited self-identified D.C.-area readers. It was such a treat to meet women who I’ve been chatting with — through the comments section of this blog — for the last few years.
Some of the guests were surprised at how small I am in real life.
Although I look monumental in photos in which I am the subject and standing alone, I am, when compared with other humans, one of the smaller ones. I hope no one feels too badly misled.
Adding a church for scale; the church appears larger than me; this is not an optical illusion

Here I am with some unsuspecting, unconsenting humans, a few cars, and some large flags.
I look bigger than the people, cars, and flags, but only because they are further from the camera

So glad those people are gone and I can look truly monumental again
In truth, I sometimes forget how small I am. I’ll be walking with one of my male colleagues thinking (subconsciously), “Here we are. Two people of the same size.” And then I’ll see our reflection in a plate glass window or door and realize that he’s a foot taller than me and broader, too. It always surprises me.

Quickly, a word about the transition to summer.
You know what? You don’t need me to narrate this outfit. You understand what’s going on here.
Small Directrice, wearing a lightweight layer on top

Medium Directrice wearing a lightweight blouse
Large Directrice wearing an open back, where adding warmth is not a goal

Enjoy the holiday weekend and look for new material in June. Maybe a little sooner, if I get my act together. I’ll be back before you can even miss me.
Tank: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Blouse: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Orla Kiely

17 thoughts on “The Directrice’s Last Idea”

  1. Missin’ ya already.
    But looking forward to a tour of the archives, and a refreshed and revitalised Directrice in due course.

  2. I was just going to say that it would be a good time for us to go back and look at prior posts, and here you are already doing the work for us! Thank you! And good luck with the daytime work explosion.

  3. Your posts are always a delight, and I’ve gotten some new ideas from them. I look forward to reading some of your older (but likely new to me) ideas in the next few weeks, and good luck with work!

  4. It was a lovely soiree and I enjoyed meeting your other followers.

    I have been stowing my sweaters away for about a month now. I don’t know where those miserable moths come from but they are relentless.

    I’m going to suggest an archive tour of belts and funky necklaces.

    • It was such a treat to meet you, too! I am so glad that you and others came and had a chance to meet one another as well as some of my dear friends. My friends were amazed by the intrepid guests who came without knowing a soul. . . except you did know me . . . And thank you for the beautiful olive oil. The Photographer and I like to cook and we use a lot of it.

  5. But… but…

    Okay. Please come back soon. You’re the highlight of my week. And I take all my fashion cues from you. Archiving I shall go. oxo

  6. I would actually have attended your soirée if geography, time and space had permitted me to do so (and I’d had an invite of course) which is saying something! We will all miss you and the photographer until you return bigger (I liked the lessons and pointers on perspective in this post, ie the pose in front of the church for scale, and better, or at least having attended to work explosions, than ever.)

  7. I was directed to your site by my friend who thinks I look like you. I am a much older version. Since I will be moving to the DC area in the future I would love a chance to meet you and see some of these creative, quirky clothes in person.

    • To meet my future self is a tantalizing thought, Elisa! Best wishes for an easy move — drop me a line when you arrive!

  8. I would love a shopping post! Like, things that caught your eye but you didn’t buy (and why) and what you look for when you try stuff on.

  9. Don’t work yourself to the bone, Directrice! Come back soon! Without you to inspire me, I am going to lapse into bermudas and t-shirts. The world does not need more of that.


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