White Pants March Deeper Into Fall

True to my word, I am taking the white pants deep into fall.
So French!

Remember: These pants are made of a heavy cotton duck, so they are a credible weight for fall.
Here, I’ve paired them with a wool knit jacket.
Admittedly, this look — Horse Blanket Jacket, Tall Ship Pants — may not be my most slimming look . . . but I like it.
The camera adds ten pounds

What if turn my head a little; does that help?
This jacket came with a black leather belt, but today I am wearing it with a grey canvas stitched belt.
I stumbled across my belt on YOOX — an over-priced (I should say formerly over-priced because it was marked down on YOOX) designer interpretation of a grommet uniform belt that could be found on Amazon or any uniform/job apparel website. Indeed, a 10-second search turned up a very similar belt (in seven colors!) for $10.99 described as “Perfect for Sports Activity, Military Wear, Police, Emergency, Firefighter, or Simply Casual Wear!” Punctuation in original.

Let’s see how this looks in profile.
Hard to say.
Actually, it’s not hard to say. I’m still bulky, but very cozy.
Consider this: By wearing a grey belt with a grey jacket, I do look less chopped up (more elongated) than I would have looked in a contrasting belt.
Clearly if I needed to squeeze through a small opening, I’d be better off turning sideways; not sure the aperture of a camera lens works like that, though

Come closer and visit the jacket and belt.
One small, but important detail: The jacket is fitted through the shoulders and upper arms. Do you see how the sleeve flares below the elbow, but above the elbow it fits closely.
Very nice. Very elegant.
Take note

The buttons are also — do I even need to say it — choking hazards
These substantial buttons sit beautifully inside the circular yoke, which is, itself, another interesting feature.
The buttons are dark brown rather than black. That’s an unexpected, but highly agreeable, choice.

Finalement! The belt, up close.
To be fair, this over-priced, marked-down version has more flair than the $10.99 version.
Perfect for Sports Activity, Military Wear, Police, Emergency, Firefighter, or Litigation!

Jacket: DSquared2; Belt: Marni from YOOX; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: French Sole New York; Bag: Sophie Hulme

6 thoughts on “White Pants March Deeper Into Fall”

  1. Absolutely elegant. The funnel neck is elongating and the belt provides structure— so it’s not not a slimming look. Brava!

  2. I like the outfit. The shape of the pants is good with the fitted jacket.
    I am thinking if white pants are to go farther into Fall is might be time to switch to a light wool so as to keep the jacket and pants in a similar texture.


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