The Directrice Resolves

  Happy New Year, dear readers!   Instead of pictures of me in my old clothes, today the staff at Directrice Global Industries Ltd. are sharing their New Year’s resolutions.   In my experience, the key elements of a winning New Year’s resolution are attainability and impact. You want to resolve to do something you … Read more

The Year’s Best

  As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to take a look back.   The year’s posts — which number 137 — are sorted into pedagogical categories like Dressing and Planning, but I thought you might be interested in seeing which are my favorites and which appear to be your favorites.   Thank you … Read more

In Lieu Of

  Although this might seem odd, even implausible, to you . . . I don’t actually like having my picture taken. C’est vrai! I am also certain that you must want relief from pictures of me periodically. (The conceit of this conviction is comical because, um, if you need a break from seeing pictures of … Read more

Taking Care of Your Shoes

  Today, the most prosaic of topics: proper maintenance of shoes. I will pepper this post with pictures of exciting shoes to compensate.     There are, however, a few steps you can take to slow their degradation.   On a fairly regular basis, you should wipe the interior of your shoes with diluted isopropyl … Read more

Black Friday

  Although I am writing this post a few days in advance of Thanksgiving, I feel pretty confident saying that I am stuffed today. I love Thanksgiving dinner.   Unless you are living in a bomb-shelter (surrounded by the black flats and penny loafers that you’ve stockpiled), you are aware that everything is on sale … Read more

The Directrice Needs YOU!

  I just bought this top from Anthropologie. Unfortunately, however, the top has precipitated a rare crisis of imagination. I had thought I would wear it over a crisp white blouse with cropped grey trousers, but when I tried it — non, non. It looked very awful. I tried five different white blouses under it … Read more

Lament: Skinnies

  I started drafting this post more than a year ago — long before I launched this blog. My feelings about skinnies are decidedly negative, but I’ve had some difficulty wrestling them into a coherent statement until now. After a year of thinking, here it is: Skinnies are not flattering. Let me explain. I was … Read more

War Drobe

  Did you read The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe as a child? I did. It was my first experience with reading that was fascinating and repellent at the same time. (How would C.S. Lewis feel if he knew that he laid the foundation — that he prepared my mind — for the works … Read more

The Directrice Turns 100!

  If that wasn’t the most misleading headline ever . . . A quick retrospective showing the many faces of The Directrice, which is really just an excuse to play with WordPress’s carousel feature. [su_carousel source=”media: 5545,4716,4584,4215,4105,3921,3730,3630,3994, 3811,5868,5860,5804,5798,5616,5613,5441,5430,4879,4381,4228,4122,3373,2790,5275,4692,4590,4218,4201,3774,3566,3103,3003″ limit=”30″ height=”350″ title=”no”] Now, a couple of housekeeping items. First, I wanted to let you know that … Read more

Standing Out in a Crowd

  A couple of years ago, I got on to a partly-full Metro car and found myself sitting next to a man who began to engage in what the police call “lewd behavior.” Ugh. It seemed to me that the least confrontational way to deal with the situation was to get off the train at … Read more