The Directrice Turns 100!

  If that wasn’t the most misleading headline ever . . . A quick retrospective showing the many faces of The Directrice, which is really just an excuse to play with WordPress’s carousel feature. [su_carousel source=”media: 5545,4716,4584,4215,4105,3921,3730,3630,3994, 3811,5868,5860,5804,5798,5616,5613,5441,5430,4879,4381,4228,4122,3373,2790,5275,4692,4590,4218,4201,3774,3566,3103,3003″ limit=”30″ height=”350″ title=”no”] Now, a couple of housekeeping items. First, I wanted to let you know that … Read moreThe Directrice Turns 100!