Warm as Toast

  On really cold days, I wear a lot of layers. I don’t just mean a sweater over a blouse over a camisole. I mean Sweater Over Dress Over Blouse Over Pants.   I really like the look of a dress over pants — which, for me, was borne of necessity. So many cute dresses … Read more

Cape Back Blouse

  It’s cold here in Washington, D.C. — but for those flying south and thinking about casual resort wear for work (as well as all of my readers in the Southern Hemisphere) . . . I am wearing silver sandals, but black sandals or flats would clearly coordinate. And I’ve tried it with two bags: … Read more

Chameleon Jacket

    Can such a distinctively colored jacket adapt? Of course it can.     Jacket: Robert Rodriguez; White blouse: Banana Republic; Grey wool pants: JCrew; Black linen pants: JCrew: Striped tee-shirt: JCrew; Black blouse: Anthropologie; Black cotton pants: JCrew; Black patent flats: Geoxx; Black cap-toed flats: French Sole New York; Black brogues: Cole Haan (2014); … Read more

Asking the Right Questions

  Being properly dressed (or, if we are striving, well-dressed), requires a little bit of planning each day. A surprisingly small amount. For me, every work day starts the night before with three questions, asked in rapid succession: What should I wear to work tomorrow? What can I wear to work tomorrow? What am I … Read more

The Case for Being Well-Dressed

  Nice clothes are a type of armor: They can give you confidence, and they may even embolden you. Nice clothes have a corresponding effect on the people you encounter: If you are well-dressed, people will be nicer to you, and will even defer to you. (Sad, but true.) So, in encouraging you to be … Read more

The Case for Being Properly Dressed

  When I was a young associate at my firm, one of the partners asked me to participate in a panel at a professional conference that is always heavily attended.  He asked me because, in his words, “You’ll add diversity.  The conference sponsors care about that.”  Oddly touched and weirdly motivated by this invitation to … Read more

Modern Tweed

  I bought this tweed dress two years ago.       These patent leather boots, however, kind of make the dress. Dress: Tory Burch “Ackley”; Boots: Fratelli Rossetti (from YOOX); Scarf: Liberty (vintage)