This Dress Has 1,000 Faces

Last summer, I bought a tan shirtdress from Max Mara. We — Directrice Nation — agreed that it would be extremely versatile and worn for years to come.

For those struggling to remember, a refresher. Just flick your eyes to the right.
You could also look back at the post, A Work of Art, which is one of my best

One year later, the versatile dress returns with different accessories.
Note, as you scroll down, that I am wearing three different shoe styles – each with a different level of coverage — reflecting different places on the Business Casual spectrum.
I thought showing a few accessory combinations would be helpful; if I have insulted your intelligence, I most humbly apologize
I thought showing a few accessory combinations would be helpful; if I have insulted your intelligence, I most humbly apologize

Ingenious shoes
These shoes are so clever — perhaps more clever than they know. The covered toe allows me to go anywhere with anyone, but the open sides create a lighter, summery look.

This belt is kind of blowing my mind
You’ve seen the belt before; it has two heads
Cut-out brogues
Cut-out brogues

A bolt of color
Option 2!
The CGI Belt, supported by patent leather flats.
What is it?
You’ve seen this belt before, too

Option 3!
Comic Book Sandals with Cheetah Belt. Or, put another way, red with animal print.
You may be wondering why I didn’t wear the red belt with the red sandals.
Answer: They are slightly different reds.
I got my hair cut yesterday, in a slightly different style. Not only could my colleagues not tell that the style was different, they did not realize that my hair had been cut.
Option 3
Leapin’ Lizards! These sandals are underscored

This close, you can see how wrinkled the dress is after a day at the office
This close, you can see how wrinkled the dress is after a day at the office
This belt, which you’ve seen before, is too big; it’s encircling rather than cinching my waist. I bought the special tool that will allow me to punch holes of many sizes in leather, but I am a little afraid of it.

I have another red belt — a maraschino cherry red — that matches the sandals beautifully, so that’s another combination in the can.
With a belt for extra definition
Maraschino cherry red belt last seen here

Have a fantastic weekend!

9 thoughts on “This Dress Has 1,000 Faces”

  1. Well, actually, I *did* notice that you had cut your hair and that it looked slightly different. But I did *not* realize that there was a style shift. Please elaborate! And, as you know, I love the red sandals. These are the Aquatalia ones from last summer, yes?

    • You are the only one who truly sees me, Betsy. Style shift is so small as to arguably be non-existent — I suggested to my stylist that we leave it a little longer but do so with lots of layers so that it doesn’t become enormous. Among the many things that I told him I did not want to look like were: mushroom, conehead, satellite, mullet, Krusty the Clown.

      These are the Aquatalia sandals. I wish I had bought a bronze pair, too.

  2. Your hair itself is so thick and beautiful that you need not fret whether a style has been interpreted though shorter in back, a bob, will always show your “Audrey Hepburn” neck to great advantage. The dress is useful and black accessories are striking. Loved seeing the shoes I remembered from last summer…

    • Oh no, Ericka! I wish I could tell you where to get them, but they are a couple of years old. They are Rebecca Minkoff from 2015 and the style name is “Macy” in case you want to see if a consolidator in Guangdong is selling the last few pairs on eBay.

  3. The Brogues are my favorite accessory! I could wear crazy socks in the fall months with those too…. under a more sedate suit pant… as a little pop of color!

  4. Oh, I love it with the red belt! Also, similar but not-matching tones can often work beautifully together; they may add depth to a look, as, say, two garments in the same colour but different textures can. If you fear some observer may assume you have made a mistake, simply add a brooch or necklace with a third shade of bright red 😉


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