Where In The World Are The Directrice and The Photographer?

We are away!

We’ll see if you can figure out where we are with a few visual aids.

Today is all about the packing. Because I am writing this post three days into the trip, I cannot say whether I will find success in my suitcase,* but so far it’s going well.

The Directrice celebrates having enough clothes to get through three days of a fourteen day trip

I need enough clothes to see me through fourteen days of travel, in city (museums) and country locations (light hiking).

I am relying heavily on dresses.

Good travel tip: everyone smiles at a lady wearing a canary yellow dress

The weather is going to be between 60 and 80 Fahrenheit during the day, and could go as low as the 40s at night.

Accordingly, I packed:

  • four day-dresses with long sleeves;
  • 1 denim jacket;
  • one “smart” jacket (black, but cotton);
  • one pair of khakis;
  • one pair of jeans;
  • 1 white button down blouse, a white tunic, 1 plain black blouse, 1 patterned black and white blouse;
  • 2 camisole /pinafore style tops to wear over the blouses; 1 patterned camisole to wear under the blouses;
  • an ivory cotton turtleneck sweater and a black cashmere cardigan;
  • a large silk scarf (this one) and a large patterned cotton scarf (this one);
  • a down puffer jacket.**
M’ city dress

I wore:

  • a white blouse with this top over it,
  • khakis,
  • and a denim jacket**
  • with an apricot-colored scarf.
Not listing the pajamas and underwear because . . . boring

A clue; a government building

I relaxed my general restrictions on shoes and allowed myself to pack three pairs (white Doc Martens, black and white cut-out brogues and black flats) and wear sneakers.

I packed three pairs instead of two for reasons of mixed quality. I was worried the Doc Martens would irritate the back of my heels (bad reason) and I was worried that it would be too cold for my brogue cut-outs (sort of legitimate reason).

Both fears turned out to be unfounded, but each should have been grounds for striking the suspect shoes from the packing list. Shoes that cause blisters? Seasonally inappropriate shoes? But in the first three days, I’ve worn both with no problems.***

Another clue: no building, however regal or sacred is safe from graffitti; this is a church!

Now a couple of photos that will: (1) allow you to see the sleevey side of the dress, which is not as flattering as the sleeveless side, but is very interesting and (2) provide additional clues — atmospheric clues — about our location.

Note sleeve, built environment in middle distance

Note sleeve, natural background in far distance

Perhaps a photo without me in the way would help?

Unobstructed view

Finalement, the dress is ready to go out for dinner when the temperature has dropped: with one of the denim jackets and the apricot scarf.

On the roof deck of our hotel; ready to sally forth

Any idea of where we are?

Dress: Sea Clota Ruched Bow Dress (though I bought mine during Shopbop’s March sale); Jacket: Marques Almeida; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff; Scarf: Eileen Fisher; Bag: Car Shoe

* You remember Sorrow in My Sample Case? From The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay?

** TWO DENIM JACKETS? Stay with me here. The jackets are different styles and colors; their weight is just right for the middle of the expected temperature range; one jacket can accommodate a sweater underneath, the other looks better with the dresses.

*** I bought some gel pads (for bunions) at CVS and put them inside the heels of my Doc Martens — which are just a little too big — et voila! — chafing/blister problem is solved.

12 thoughts on “Where In The World Are The Directrice and The Photographer?”

  1. Four pairs of shoes in total! Extravagant and yet somehow sensible (my experience when traveling is that when one’s shoes aren’t comfortable all bets are off). Is there a prize for guessing correctly — perhaps another castoff from the Directice’s closet? Me thinks you are in Santiago de Chile.

    • The night owls and early birds responded to this post between the time I laid my head down and rose again! You are correct. I feel confident that there is a castoff in your future, Rhizophora — particularly since we are the same size? Send your name and mailing address to Harper (Contact The Directrice on the homepage) and settle in for a few months’ wait. As you know, Directrice Global Industries is staffed by people who aren’t people and don’t have opposable thumbs . . .

  2. Santiago, Chile?? I want to say in Los Condes from the high rises, but I figure you for more of a Bellavista/Providenca kind of person…

  3. Great tip for avoiding and protecting blisters – use skin tape. Look for the kind that has little squares in the weave, not paper tape. When I travel, I keep a roll in my purse.
    I agree, Santiago, Chile.

  4. If you’re sightseeing in catholic churches, your dress looks designed to blow the minds of wardens who require covered shoulders 🙂 I don’t know Chile at all and would love to see more travel pics please !

  5. I don’t know where you are, but I’m chuckling in solidarity because my (fellow lawyer) husband and I also always have to visit the courthouse wherever in the world we are! Hope you’re having a wonderful time! I love the sidewalk with the colored squares!


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