White Pants Now and Always

Despite my mother’s lukewarm reception, I now own JCrew’s Point Sur Wide-Leg Crop Pants in four colors: army green, caramel, white, and black. The total number sounds less crazy if I explain that there are white and black pairs, right?

These pants are made of a dense cotton duck fabric — weighty enough for fall and spring. In fact, I consciously decided the other day that I would wear the white ones deep into fall with fun sneakers and black penny loafers. I think they will look elegant with a snug, waist-length sweater.
Astonishing to realize, and then admit to you, that this was a conscious thought

I managed to not get spaghetti on m’self, APPLAUSE
But here we are, in the waning days of summer, wearing one last all-white outfit.
I had spaghetti with red sauce for lunch the day I wore this. No spots.

A little splash of color to enliven the white: I am wearing a red bracelet and red sandals.
One half of me thinks the red bracelet is overkill, but the other half is feeling very indulgent.
For those envisioning all manner of gruesome industrial litigation accidents involving the tassel, please know that it is removable. If I were actually in charge of the litigation mangler at work, I would remove the tassel.
Gaudy Directrice

Let’s take a closer look at the bracelet and the belt.
This belt has a vaguely expedition/military vibe, doesn’t it. It works very well with the Strapless Utility Dress, the Original Twenty Year Old Dress, and anything white. I could also wear it with one — or any — of my denim dresses.
Flashy bracelet, utilitarian belt

The belt does have a little splashy hardware, but it is neatly placed on the side. 
You know how I feel about visible labels.
Seems very unlikely anyone will notice this tag

Let’s also spend a few seconds on my clomptacular* sandals.
Sandals equally at ease in the jungle
And the city

A family group approaches very slowly
Make way for ducklings; slow, slow ducklings
Farewell! I’ll be keeping this one
While The Photographer and I were taking these photos, two families came down the sidewalk. Between them, they had four small children, three of whom were ambulatory . .
. . so they were moving very slowly.

The white pants will be back later this week.
Pants and top: JCrew; Belt: Dolce & Gabbana (from The RealReal); Shoes: Gabor, on sale at Nordstrom now; Bracelet: Rosantica; Bag: Orla Kiely
Those looking for a fun sporty sandal may like these by Jeffrey Campbell.
* New word. Copyright registration has been filed.

6 thoughts on “White Pants Now and Always”

  1. I have the pants in army green, caramel, white and 2 denim. I didn’t realize that they came in black. Hmmm. I get a lot of compliments on them especially the caramel ones( which I like to think of as Carhartt gold). They look great with ankle boots in the cooler weather too.

  2. I’ve been trying not to buy new clothes, but I just might order the Point Sur pants. The cotton duck means they’ll be fall, winter, spring pants here in the southwest, not summer.

    • PS: I wear white all year round. I love a white pant with a black sweater in the winter. I agree with SusanM — keep wearing the white. Just avoid slushy snow and rain puddles.

  3. I was inspired to buy a similar, caramel-coloured pair of these pants after seeing yours in the spring posts, but I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I’ve only started wearing them this fall. I really struggled with the new wider silhouette, especially after so many years of skinny jeans, and I couldn’t get the proportions right. I almost put them in the donation bag, but I’m finding that I like the look better with sweaters and loafers, so I’ve worn them a few times in September.

    Really looking forward to seeing the white pants later this week!

  4. I think the flowers on your sandals resemble poinsettias! Thus, they could in a warmer clime, be appropriate year round. Great use of pops of red!


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