And Now We Canonize Short-Sleeved Jackets

And Now We Canonize Short-Sleeved Jackets

I seem to remember, somewhere deep in the past, reading a harsh critique of short-sleeved jackets . . . but I think that they are ingenious layering pieces.

After all, what better way to show off a pretty blouse?
Or, to do as I have done here, and use tone-on-tone to reduce bulk and create a svelte silhouette?
I am right and they are wrong
I am right and they are wrong

How charming is this?
How charming is this?
I am wearing this black, cap-sleeved jacket over a lightweight black turtleneck.
The silhouette is largely created by the cut of the jacket, which has a nipped waist and a peplum made of stiff fabric that holds its shape. But the slim, lightweight turtleneck makes my arms look slender and graceful in a way that a jacket with long-sleeves (particularly in this fabric) would not.

This jacket is RedValentino — a label that I like, with reservations. The silhouettes are ultra-feminine (small waists, full skirts and peplums) — which I like very much. No reservations. But the details sometimes veer from feminine to girlish (exaggerated bows, buttons, lace) — which I do not like. This jacket has no embellishments; just a great shape.
This jacket would look beautiful over a white blouse or a cream turtleneck sweater. I also think it will work over a fitted dress with a straight skirt like my perfect dress from 2015.
How useful?
How useful?

A bonus of this fabric is that it is stiff and heavy. Ordinarily, I would not consider these characteristics a bonus but here, they offer two advantages. First, as mentioned above, the fabric holds the shape of the jacket. Second, it is substantial enough to support the weight of a heavy brooch.
One shot on the level
I look the picture of contentment in this photo, but you know I fret about heavy brooches

And what a brooch I have for this moment!
Perfect weight for this weight
Perfect weight for this weight

So pleased to have another way to wear this
So pleased to have another plan for wearing this brooch
M' little pine cones
M’ little pine cones

M' little hedge hogs
M’ little hedge hogs

Big man's watch
Big man’s watch
Finishing things off, a big man’s watch. “Big” modifies “man’s watch” — not “man.”

Jacket: RedValentino from YOOX (poke around YOOX/RedValentino for the same style in different fabrications, there are several); Turtleneck: JCrew Tissue Turtleneck T-shirt; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Tory Burch Twiggie Mismatched Low-Heel Pump; Brooch: Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, discussed at length here; Watch: Ritmo Mundo; Bag: Coach Gramercy Satchel
And now, a bonus photo of my right side!

10 thoughts on “And Now We Canonize Short-Sleeved Jackets”

  1. I love the shoulder on this jacket – it’s charming, that’s for sure! And layers for fall are perfect. The gold hedgehog brooch picks up the shoe “buckle” – subtle!

  2. It’s a great outfit on you, but I’m one of those critics of short-sleeved jackets. In our brutal climate, when it’s cold enough to wear a jacket, I’d be cold without long sleeves (even with sweater layered underneath). And when it’s warm enough for short sleeves, it’s too hot for a jacket.

    I’m fascinated by your Tory Burch shoes with the mismatched buckles (one square, one round). Every time you wear them in a post, I think I need those shoes, even though I’ve never spent that much money on a pair of shoes. But I’m wavering … how would you rate them as far as how comfortable they are to walk in?

    • Hi Lynne — I’ve worn these shoes three times for a full work day and I am not going to give them (at this time) a low rating for comfort. It could be that the leather is very stiff and after I wear them a few more times they will be just fine — but it could be that the charming medallions are making the toe box stiff. Either way, the shoes are cutting into my foot just where my toes start. It’s a bit of a surprise because I have other Tory Burch shoes that are very comfortable. So, my recommendation would be to NOT splurge out on these — because it would be such a disappointment if you were not comfortable in them. (Two other notes: (1) I do have wide feet — but I wear a 7B. (2) I had a 30% off coupon when I bought mine, so I am disappointed, but not as upset as I would be if I had paid full price.) In a few more weeks, I’ll update you further. Thank you SO MUCH for reading and commenting!

    • I love the mismatched shoes also. To achieve the same look and not spend $$$, you could make your own pair of mismatched shoes by buying mismatched shoe clips and affix to shoes you already own.

  3. I like this look a lot — and find the barnacle brooch strangely appealing. Yes, I say barnacle, where I read above “pine cones,” and other readers have said “sea creatures” or “hedgehogs.” The beauty of art!

  4. Many thanks, Directrice, for your candid review of the Tory Burch shoes I’m so taken with (I’m a 7B too, not that that is relevant).

    Sounds like they’re not for me, but Susan’s suggestion is intriguing to try to create my own version by buying mismatched shoe clips and putting them on comfortable unadorned shoes I already own. A simple idea I wouldn’t have thought of.

    I love this blog!

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