Casual Friday: A Professor and A Pirate

When I decide on a goal, I can pursue it very single-mindedly . . . well past the edge of reason and good sense. Remember Operation YeLLoWbAG?

Here, I confess that my search for a statement white blouse did not end when I found one.
No, I continued to look and thusly find myself in possession of three — except that I have designated the one featured here for layering.
It's hard to stop
I couldn’t stop on a dime; things were in motion

Hold on there
Wait for it . . . wait . . .
You may be looking at these photos and saying to yourself, “That doesn’t seem like much of a statem-”
Patience, patience.

Shiver me timbers, mateys.
It’s a lace-up blouse.
Ohhhh, the life of a pirate for me

NB: The Photographer labeled this set of photos “straitjacket.”
Weekday Nicky Lace Up Shirt from ASOS
Weekday Nicky Lace Up Shirt from ASOS

As you can see above, all of the lacing is done on the model. I, however, just wanted to use the lacing to cinch the blouse above my waist and therefore unthreaded the bottom eyelets. Then I trimmed the lacing that came with the blouse (snip snip) to get rid of extremely long, dangling ends. That white lacing could be replaced with a shoe lace or a thin ribbon or cording; using a contrast color (black, navy, red) might be really sharp.
The blouse doesn’t fit quite well enough to be worn on its own –it’s too big through the shoulders — and is too boxy and stiff to fit under a sweater. But it’s just right to wear with a little jacket.
And who is more needful of an irreverent young companion than this tenured tweed blazer?
The side vents and inverted pleat created by the lacing give the blouse some shape and movement that make this look more interesting than a regular button-down blouse would.
Agree, disagree?
On its own
A little awkward on its own

But see
Here is where I would normally put a funny caption
The cuteness
except that I can’t think of anything funny; the well’s run dry

Have a fantastic weekend!

Jacket: JCrew; Blouse: Weekday Nicky Lace-Up Blouse from ASOS; Jeans: JCrew; Boots: 8 from YOOX

10 thoughts on “Casual Friday: A Professor and A Pirate”

  1. Fantastic — you’ve been on a roll this week! Always so many great layering ideas on your blog. And apparently J. Crew is where I will need to hunt down good blazers that are not run amok with shoulder padding.

    • Hi Jodie: The search is now done! Three is plenty — even though this one is being re-classified as a supporting actor. I think this lace-up blouse will also look good with a wrap or poncho. Have a great weekend! I think I will attempt to knit a hat . . .

  2. I am also confused as to why you would ever keep a blouse that “doesn’t fit quite well enough to be worn on its own”, especially if you have other white blouses. That is a recipe for something that will sit in the back of the closet unworn.

    • Hi Sara: I wear white blouses a lot — alone, under sweaters, jerseys, dresses, and jackets. I find that having a variety is very useful. Sometimes I need something supple and lightweight, sometimes I want something slim and fitted. This ASOS blouse is very comfortable and I just love the lacing, which does show when my jacket is unbuttoned. But there is another reason for keeping it: by wearing this ASOS blouse under casual jackets, my more fitted white blouses (Talbots Perfect Shirt) that are suitable for wearing on their own will be pressed into service less often and thus last a little longer. Specialization!

    • Love the contrast between this and the current wardrobe minimalization fad 🙂

      I was considering today whether I want to own the perfect pink blouse and green scarf for those days that just say SPRING! Even if I never wore them any other time of year. I’m wearing a pink blouse and gray skirt and it’s just not QUITE there.

      • Hello Erika — I say, Why ever not! Clearly this idea has captured your fancy. And you may find that you wear the pieces at other times of the year.

  3. As a layering shirt, this lace up feature is rendered a secret, which only you (& all of us and photographer) will know about it, hidden under your jacket. Sort of like wearing a bustier or pretty lace underthings under a plain suit. A secret super power bustier pirate feature, or depending on your day, a straight jacket feature indeed. I am a sucker for a jeans/jacket/boots outfit, whatever the layers underneath, in any event, and I like the white cuffs and unusually shaped hem under the jacket very much. Could you also try the shirt as a jacket, or ‘topper’ I’ve seen them called, worn over a dress and with all buttons left undone, and just the shirt’s lacing done up? You could wear black tights and your flat black (pirate) boots also, and a colourful (parrot inspired) brooch.

    • Hi Justine — I have a friend who has a large pink cockatoo. She was very sweet and companionable. A few years ago, I stayed with my friend while my apartment was being renovated and occasionally the bird (Amanda) would sit on my shoulder. She’s the missing “third piece.”


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