The Virtues of Converse All-Stars

  When I go on vacation, I try to avoid overpacking. Shoes, for many people, are where the wheels come off — figuratively, if not literally. So my rule is: WEAR a pair of stylish sneakers, PACK two pairs of proper shoes (a pair of black flats and either my leopard Mary-Janes or black penny … Read more

In YOOX We Trust

  I promised a hagiographic post about YOOX a couple of months ago, and here it is. Over the last few years, I have purchased a significant, and growing, percentage of my clothes from YOOX. What is this YOOX that has inspired such loyalty and affection? In the words of YOOX itself, “Shopping on … Read more

Longitude! The Virtues of Vertical Stripes

  Several weeks ago we caucused to discuss stripes and their virtues. The topic was so vast and complex that I could only cover horizontal stripes in that initial post. Now we praise vertical stripes. They say that vertical stripes are thinning, or lengthening, or elongating, but I don’t really think that’s true. They are, … Read more

The Virtues of Stripes

  Every woman needs at least one striped jersey in her wardrobe. That may seem like a strong proclamation, so you are owed an explanation. Horizontal stripes are a simple graphic and always look terrific with jeans and khakis for a casual look. During the warmer months, a striped jersey looks smart on Casual Friday … Read more

The Virtues of Watches

  With a smart phone, you don’t need a watch to tell time anymore. But there are two reasons why you should wear one anyway. First, and most important: It’s impolite to look at your phone while you are in a meeting. You may be able to get away with it in a large meeting, … Read more

The Virtues of Tote Bags

But I still like to look pulled together, so I have a few to choose from. Here are a few ideas for you. The COLORS: The NEUTRALS: I am a huge fan of Les Toiles du Soleil; in addition to tote bags (in various sizes), they make iPad covers, toiletry bags, and espadrilles. Sadly, they … Read more

The Virtues of White Blouses

  No list of wardrobe essentials is complete — or reliable — if it doesn’t include the white blouse. I am going to go one step further and advise: no wardrobe is complete without a few white blouses. I recommend poplin blouses with long sleeves, short sleeves, and no sleeves as well as a variety … Read more