A Remarkable Spot

  The last thing we did before leaving Buenos Aires was withdraw a ton of Argentine pesos from the bank . . . forgetting that we would shortly be in Chile where Argentine pesos are not legal tender. Oh no. We found that in this modern age, you can manage for a week in a … Read more

Big Ice

  All that’s come before was merely prelude to the main event: gLAcIeRS. That’s why we’re here.*   After a few days in Buenos Aires, we boarded a plane and flew south and west to a Patagonian town called El Calafate. El Calafate (pop. 23,000 according to our guide) is in the Argentine part of … Read more

Out and About in Buenos Aires

  The Photographer worked with Jacada Travel* to arrange our trip. Jacada does a great job of listening to a prospective traveler’s interests, hopes, and needs and then turning it into a detailed itinerary that meets all three types of expectations.   We like talking about politics, culture, and history and they’ve found the best … Read more

The Immense Seriousness of Art*

  The Photographer and I like guided tours when we visit a new city. So much to see and we like the insights and background that only a resident can provide. For our second day in Buenos Aires, we spent half the day with an anthropologist from the university who took us on a graffiti … Read more

We’re Off!

  To celebrate my fiftieth birthday, we are taking a trip!   After a day of rest and light exploration of our hotel environs, our sight-seeing started in the Cementario de La Recoleta — a vast cemetery of mausoleums with crypts beneath them. This started as a public cemetery in the early 19th century, but … Read more

The Directrice Re-presents: Casual Layers

  Although our thoughts, on the cusp of summer, may be moving away from layering, today’s re-post from 2017 addresses a worthy year-round topic. And . . . there is air-conditioning. Did you see that the New York Times last week reported a recent study showing that women perform better when taking tests in warmer … Read more

The Directrice Endorses The RealReal

  Giving you another glimpse into the savvy that has guided me throughout my life, I am offering an unsolicited endorsement of a company that has no idea that my blog exists because I can’t keep my enthusiasm bottled long enough to monetize it. The RealReal! Over the next month, I will be rolling out … Read more

The Best of the Year (2018)

  Is it the end of the year already? So soon?   Let’s take a quick back at the year through a few different filters.   Looking back over the year, I am pleased to note that I don’t look the same in every post. I think that there are a few distinctive concepts that … Read more