March of the Art Jewelry, Part I

Greetings, Directorate! I hope you can excuse my silence, but I’ve been very busy with a major life transition. No, not menopause — though that is loitering in the background. This is work news. I am leaving my unnamed firm to join a non-profit organization that I shall also not name! We’ll discuss this life … Read more

Normal Up

  Twice in the past few weeks, I’ve had to present a conservative — i.e., traditional — appearance. I had to dig deep, Directorate, to enter the spirit of things.   There is one twee detail: long ivory ties at the neck. I did not care for that, so I drew the ties tight, knotted … Read more

Flowers for Spring

  Directorate, given the way we dress now, I still have pre-pandemic inventory to share. That means my commentary will be heavy on theory and light on shopping links because the pre-pandemic inventory is three or four years old and no longer in stores.   The vivid print combines International Klein Blue, cornflower blue, black, … Read more

Plaid Glad Rag

  From the first, I have advised that when you find a garment that fits and suits you perfectly, you should buy it in two colors. I live, and would die, by that advice.

Party Dresses Just In Case

Hello Directorate! I’ve had some difficulty over the last two weekends aligning my schedule, The Photographer’s schedule, a presentable appearance, and the golden hour. I have a list of ideas for posts, but no photos. And thus, I am showing you some seasonally inappropriate dresses that we photographed last fall. A charming surprise was revealed … Read more

A Khaki Suit, TWWDN

Although I’ve never been to Africa or actually seen the film Mogambo, long-time readers know that I like to dress myself in khaki head-to-toe inspired by safari wear. A Hollywood version of safari wear, involving full skirts, white blouses, waist-cinching belts, and no heavy duty bug spray. I don’t need much encouragement to reach for … Read more