Stripe Makes Right Emphatically

  Stripes have been a not infrequent topic of posts on this blog. I am, and will always be, a fan.   Top: COS Cropped Knitted Mock-Neck Top; Shirt: Talbots Perfect Shirt (see also this tunic and this patterned shirt); Pants: Prana Halle II Pant; Shoes: G.H. Bass Weejuns

Old Friends Meet New Jewels

In an effort to convince you that I am not the No. 1 cause of climate change (5 new garments per year! 5 new garments per year!), I am showing you some really old things that I still wear all the time. + The Photographer and I watched White Noise last night. The main character … Read more

The Jacket Ipsa Loquitur

I read in Vogue last weekend that a person who wants to live within the climate change mitigation goals set forth in the Paris Agreement should only acquire five new pieces of clothing per year. Now a close close-up.

A Study in Contrasts

Shortly before the holidays (December 2021), I confessed to buying a pair of camouflage pants. I wrote this post in February 2022 and then put it aside with the farthest out publication date that I could think of in February 2022 — which was, apparently, September 29, 2022.

The Ring of Power

I asked my husband what The Rings of Power is based on, as I believed that Tolkien source material had been stretched past capacity with the real-time enactment of The Hobbit over three films. He explained that The Rings of Power is based upon the appendices Tolkien wrote to provide explanations and background for the … Read more