Ecuador: Live, from the Earth’s Waistline

I left you with a cliffhanger on Wednesday. The Directrice and The Photographer touch the equator! As you see below. Roses thrive in certain parts of Ecuador because of the moderate temperature (we are still at elevation — maybe 5,500-6,000 ft.). The cut flower industry thrives in Ecuador because farmers are able to grow roses … Read more

Ecuador: Very Old Pots + Walk the Line

After visiting St. Francisco, we crossed the Plaza of San Francisco, walked a short block and entered the Church of La Compania de Jesus. I did not know this until we came here, but Ecuador abandoned its own currency — the sucre — and switched to the USD in 2000. This decision was prompted by … Read more

Ecuador: Our Lady of This and That

Directorate! We are here . . . in Ecuador.  For those who follow international news, your Directrice and her Photographer were pulled up short last Wednesday evening — whilst packing — by news of turbulent events outside Quito. After hearing from people on the ground in Quito and checking the State Department’s guidance, we decided … Read more

March of the Art Jewelry, Part III

An embarrassment of riches! Two posts in 48 hours. And two outfits + multiple ideas (though no new clothes) in each post! But the point of this post is not to prove, yet again, that more clothing manufacturers should consult with me. The point here is to show you a smart combination that I saw … Read more

March of the Art Jewelry, Part II

Directorate!  Forgive my absence? Turns out that wrapping up a career takes longer than I expected. But now it’s done: transition memos written, notices of withdrawal filed, goodbye emails sent, personal effects removed. I’ll publish two posts this week (to whet the appetite) and then next week, it’s VACATION DIRECTRICE ON LOCATION IN ECUADOR. If … Read more

Walking Highlighter

We are deep into summer in Washington D.C., but it hasn’t been terribly hot.  Nevertheless, all of the staff at Directrice Global Industries Ltd. and DGI Holding, Inc. are ready for summer. The white blouse is covered up enough. For summer in Washington D.C. Post-pandemic. The ties on this blouse are long enough to wrap … Read more

March of the Art Jewelry, Part I

Greetings, Directorate! I hope you can excuse my silence, but I’ve been very busy with a major life transition. No, not menopause — though that is loitering in the background. This is work news. I am leaving my unnamed firm to join a non-profit organization that I shall also not name! We’ll discuss this life … Read more

Normal Up

  Twice in the past few weeks, I’ve had to present a conservative — i.e., traditional — appearance. I had to dig deep, Directorate, to enter the spirit of things.   There is one twee detail: long ivory ties at the neck. I did not care for that, so I drew the ties tight, knotted … Read more

Flowers for Spring

  Directorate, given the way we dress now, I still have pre-pandemic inventory to share. That means my commentary will be heavy on theory and light on shopping links because the pre-pandemic inventory is three or four years old and no longer in stores.   The vivid print combines International Klein Blue, cornflower blue, black, … Read more