The Abyss of Casual Friday

I was recently chatting with a colleague about Casual Friday and Free-fall Thursday — how Thursday prepares the eye for Friday.

But there may be some things that no gentle introduction, no measured orientation, can prepare the eye to see. Or permit the mind to un-see.
Consider, if you will, this denim blouse that I wore last Friday.
And so it begins

Seems O.K.
Perhaps you’re thinking, “A little denim blouse with a frayed hem seems tame enough, Directrice. Denim on Casual Friday is unexceptionable. It’s even permitted earlier in the week in the right form and dose.”
We’ll see.

This is no ordinary denim blouse. It’s a denim blouse re-imagined by Marques/Almeida.
Perhaps now you’re saying, “Directrice, please tell me you didn’t wear this sad rag to –”
Oh yes I did!
Sad Rag went, Sad Rag saw, Sad Rag conquered

I explained to The Photographer, “This blouse is high concept.”
If pressed, however, I could not explain what I think I mean by that. I just like the blouse. I think it’s feminine and elegant, fluid and a bit beguiling.
High concept, I say

Blouse sets sail in breeze
Blouse becalmed

This cape-backed, backless blouse, isn’t the first you’ve seen on this blog, but it’s more dramatic than the 2015 entry.
This evolution calls to mind an important lesson from my childhood. You must learn to entertain yourself. So true. I am completely entertained by this blouse.
Emboldened Directrice selects more caped, more backless blouse

If the blouse is too much for you, quiet your senses by focusing on the bag — which is charming and normal. But still a little bit interesting. It’s a new shape from Coach and I hope that it will soon be offered in a bunch of colors.
Focus on the bag until your blood pressure returns to normal

Focus on the watch; breathe in your nose and out through your mouth
You can also focus on the watch, which is rubbery, sporty, fun, and totally inoffensive.

Blouse: Marques/Almeida; Pants; JCrew; Tank: Garnet Hill; Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff; Bag: Coach Rider Bag; Watch: Shinola

12 thoughts on “The Abyss of Casual Friday”

  1. The blouse would be quite elegant over a column of color. Would you consider wearing a black top with this outfit? The watch is fun!

      • Yes, I realized that myself. The fabric is structured (look at me! using technical terms!) to billow in and out, especially in the back. And it’s tattered, which of course scissors couldn’t do. So my initial reaction was wrong. I just couldn’t handle the genius of it at first sight.

  2. I like this bizarre denim jacket! And I think black under all would work well. You call
    It a blouse, but I perceive it as over garment. The pants and the bag are very good.

  3. I was waiting to comment until I saw what your mother had to say! It is totally bizarre and yet it somehow works! Leave it to you to see its possibilities on the (web) page.

  4. It’s charming and you’ve styled it appropriately. The pants and shoes are quirky enough to complement and make it “belong.” That bag is yummy!


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