Peplums were huge in the 40s and then disappeared for approximately forty years–the Wilderness Years. They briefly reemerged in the 1980s, only to disappear quickly. But the style reappeared in the ‘teens and in 2017, peplums still seem to be going strong. I hope they are here to stay, forever and ever. I was … Read more…

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The Third and Final Part of The Utility Dress: Is This Is It?*

  Unlike previous summer series — The Woman in White (2015) and Navy Blue Is The Warmest Color (2016) — I am bringing the Utility Dress series of 2017 to a quick close. No need to string this out indefinitely and perhaps the lessons are more meaningful when delivered in rapid succession. We’ll see. There … Read more…

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Home on the Range

  This summer is all about personal growth! Risk-taking! Floaty tiers in a small, flocked pattern that suggests calico.   R: If you are reading this post and thinking “I can’t believe she kept that dress from me” — I am sorry! We can share it. Dress: Max Mara; Shoes: Donald J. Pliner; Bag: Coach … Read more…

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The Utility Dress: Part One of a Three Part Series

  Part 1 of a three part series that began last week with Part 2. Fortunately, this is not rocket science . . . Dress: Burberry; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Bag: Coach; Bracelet: John Hardy; Watch: Michele

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Fifty Cent Dress, Summer 2017

  Long-time readers may remember that I call special dresses “Fifty Cent Dresses.” If you want to know why, you will have to read this earlier post. If you are willing to accept the term Fifty Cent Dress no questions asked, then you can proceed post haste to photos and descriptions of this summer’s special … Read more…

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Naive Kangaroo

  Surely the title of this post caught your interest!   Desiree Klein is a German expatriate living in Los Angeles, where she has a small workroom-atelier and boutique. This dress has the irresistible feel of something handmade — though it is machine-sewn and completely polished. Her clothes are both avant-garde and naive such that … Read more…

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In Which The Directrice Apologizes to a Dress

  I don’t think I’ve ever advised you to buy only things that you absolutely love and see a clear and immediate use for. I’ve never subscribed to that philosophy. It’s OK periodically to buy something on the basis of a vague idea or because it meets a need tolerably well. The problems arise when … Read more…

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A Rage for Novelty

  I have a feeling that a year or two hence, I will look back on the tops I’ve been showing over the last three months and wonder What was I thinking? But for now, I am thinking that novelty appeals — and that elaborate sleeves are charming.   And now, an interlude. I have … Read more…

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The Eye Is Fooled

  A year ago, Marc Jacobs announced that it (he?) was eliminating the company’s diffusion line — Marc by Marc Jacobs — and would only produce clothes under the original Marc Jacobs label. This seemed like bad news to me because I really liked the cute clothes made under his youthful, cheaper (though not cheap) … Read more…

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Live from the Artist’s Studio

  You know that I wish that I had artistic talent and could make beautiful things?   I do.   But I cannot. I can only appreciate and collect. So who is Denisa Piatti?  

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