In Which The Directrice Apologizes to a Dress

  I don’t think I’ve ever advised you to buy only things that you absolutely love and see a clear and immediate use for. I’ve never subscribed to that philosophy. It’s OK periodically to buy something on the basis of a vague idea or because it meets a need tolerably well. The problems arise when … Read more…

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A Rage for Novelty

  I have a feeling that a year or two hence, I will look back on the tops I’ve been showing over the last three months and wonder What was I thinking? But for now, I am thinking that novelty appeals — and that elaborate sleeves are charming.   And now, an interlude. I have … Read more…

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The Eye Is Fooled

  A year ago, Marc Jacobs announced that it (he?) was eliminating the company’s diffusion line — Marc by Marc Jacobs — and would only produce clothes under the original Marc Jacobs label. This seemed like bad news to me because I really liked the cute clothes made under his youthful, cheaper (though not cheap) … Read more…

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Live from the Artist’s Studio

  You know that I wish that I had artistic talent and could make beautiful things?   I do.   But I cannot. I can only appreciate and collect. So who is Denisa Piatti?  

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I Have Seen the Future, and It Is Pink

  Do women dress for other women, or for men?   Do we care? Is this question worth answering? It’s a little bit interesting. I tend to think that women dress — in general — for other women because women are more likely to take note of, and appreciate, the method and the details.

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A Daydream: It’s Totally Faux

  I started this blog with the idea of showing clothes that are grounded in reality. So many high-style fashion blogs seem to represent lifestyle fantasies (or perhaps just a clean break with reality) rather than actual clothes and outfits that a professional could wear to work or to socialize. The best example of this … Read more…

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The Undeniable Allure of Upholstery Fabric

  As if my complex relationship with printed fabrics weren’t a heavy enough burden . . . now is as good a time as any to confess my weakness for brocades. Would you like to see the piecing and asymmetry in this skirt? Should I turn to my left?   Skirt: Hache from YOOX; Sweater: … Read more…

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Re-animating a Classic

  Surprise! I am posting a day early.   In case you are wondering, this post is not about the live-action Beauty and the Beast, which I must admit I am having some difficulty getting my mind around. I did, however, like the animated Beauty and the Beast and the live-action Enchanted, so this new … Read more…

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A Corsage for The Directrice

  The return of sweater weather! My favorite time of year!   You’re going to have to come very close to see what makes it remarkable. SEQuiNS!!!     Sweater: JCrew Herringbone Sweater with Floral Patches; Jersey: White + Warren; Jeans: JCrew; Bag: Coach; Shoes; Coach

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Casual Friday: Built from the Bottom Up

  Perhaps you don’t see me this way, but I see myself as very practical.   I may have acquisitive and expansive tendencies, but I rarely am tempted by novelty items.

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