When In Florida

  For a person who cares very little about conforming to the median of workplace dressing, I care quite a bit about fitting in when visiting foreign locales.     Have a great weekend!   Top: Marni; Pants: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Dr. Martens; Red dress: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi; White dress: INSPR x Natalie Off … Read moreWhen In Florida

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New England v. World

Setting aside the title of this post for a minute — which we will get to — this is another edition of These Old Clothes. Blouse: Moncollet; Pants and belt: JCrew; Sandals: Skechers; Bag: Sophie Hulme

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  Turquoise!   Turquoise is one of my favorite stones. While it can be easily overdone, done right it is beautiful, compelling, and chic.   How to tell when turquoise is done right?   * Every few weeks, I scribble out a whole bunch of ideas for future posts. My handwriting has deteriorated over the … Read moreTurquoise!

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Just Do It (Yourself)

  A colleague recently gave me a beautiful necklace of fabric covered beads. She knows that I love vintage textiles, unusual accessories, round things. So much to love in this necklace: the vintage prints, the shape of these beads, the marvelous combination of colors. It’s perfect in every respect and especially lovable for its quirky, … Read moreJust Do It (Yourself)

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The Call of the Wild

  I’ve previously written about animal prints, urging you to incorporate them into your wardrobes, but advising you to use them in small quantities. Directrice scholars may have noticed over time that those small quantities have taken up increasing real estate. Speaking for myself, I was a little surprised — but I was in over … Read moreThe Call of the Wild

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Revisiting Blue Tops With Khakis

  For Casual Fridays during the (spring and summer), I like French blue or robin’s egg blue with light-colored khakis.     Have a fantastic weekend!   French blue top: Sea; Robin’s egg blue top: MSGM x YOOX; Pants: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Doctor Martens; Bag: Barbara Bui

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  A new dress for spring! That seems fair. That seems right. Doesn’t it? Let’s not get sidetracked with The Directrice’s cynical views about corporate cost/benefit calculations. Let’s focus on this . . . can I say it? . . . enchanting dress. Take note of its graceful lines.   I must reveal something about … Read moreVerdant!

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That Third Piece

  We’ve looked at the concept of layering through a number of lenses — aesthetic, technical, practical — over the years. Now seems a good time to review and consolidate our discussions. This black tank may appear simple upon first glance, but it presents lot of visual interest upon closer, 360 degree examination: white top … Read moreThat Third Piece

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Blue and White Stripes, Part II

  Blue and white stripes are popular for a reason — they’re both both familiar and fresh. Predictable and versatile. Have a fantastic weekend!   * I did not include The Big Tent in this count. Although it is a blue and white stripe, it is a different blue and a different stripe.   ** … Read moreBlue and White Stripes, Part II

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Return to Normalcy

  For those who found my ostrich ensemble a gross overreach, we veer back into normalcy today with a cardigan, silk shell, and trousers.   How is it that my greatest contribution to the Business Casual Universe is not being credited to me?     Sweater: Marques/Almeida; Shell: Laura Urbinati from YOOX; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: … Read moreReturn to Normalcy

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