The Virtues of Denim

  For a long period of time — 1988-2007 — I didn’t really wear jeans.* But I’ve always worn a lot of denim. * It took the convergence of two major events — the advent of low-rise pants AND the resurrection of stretch denim — to win me over. Low-rise + stretch = comfortable jeans. … Read moreThe Virtues of Denim

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The Virtues of Simple Jersey Dresses

  I’m back!   Directrice Global Industries Ltd. may unilaterally extend summer a few weeks. I’ve had so many summer posts planned and no time to put them together.     Black dress: Theory; Grey dress: Isabel Marant Etoile; Black sandals: Donald J. Pliner Fifi; Red sandals: Aquatalia; Floral bag: Kate Spade; Black bag: Marc … Read moreThe Virtues of Simple Jersey Dresses

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So Little House

  For those of you who wonder where and how to discover new labels, here is a tip: Browse on YOOX and The Outnet, and then pay attention to the tailored ads that start appearing in your news reading. It’s how I found Mikael Aghal!     Dress: Mikael Aghal from The Outnet; Shoes: Fly … Read moreSo Little House

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A Camp Shirt and Khakis

I am wearing something simple today: a camp shirt with khakis. Now, three hot tips for you. I was stopped by a woman at National Airport last week when I was returning to D.C. from a work trip. I assumed that I would be asked for directions — which I thought was a little odd … Read moreA Camp Shirt and Khakis

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A Heavy Lift?

  I bought a bunch of things during the post-holiday sales (late December/early January) and have been rolling them out. I bought them so fast, but as I am rolling them out slowly I cannot help wonder if I was overly hasty in my acquisitions. And I haven’t even shown you the weird stuff yet. … Read moreA Heavy Lift?

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Marzipan Necklace

  Several weeks ago, I showed you a glimpse of something wonderful. Sitting as far away from as you are, you can’t appreciate the wonder of this piece. You must come closer.   No! You want to get in the necklace’s face. Like so:   The next two weeks will be busy. The apartment refresh … Read moreMarzipan Necklace

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The Liveliest Stripe

  Things I love: Stripes. End-of-season sales. Sweater: Derek Lam 10 Crosby; Camisole: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Bag: Coach; Boots: 8 from YOOX

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The Virtues of A Fisherman’s Knit

  Who doesn’t love a fisherman’s knit sweater? So distinctive and cozy. I was given one when I was 11 or 12 — the first of several over the course of my life (so far). The only downside to the fisherman’s knit is bulk. They are not svelte. Sweater: Veronica Beard Rhea Sweater (still available … Read moreThe Virtues of A Fisherman’s Knit

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‘Tis the Season?

  The title of this post may color the way you see what I am about to show you. Try to imagine this outfit in November or February. The most important lesson here, however, is at the bottom of the frame. What shoes do you wear when you’ve combined red, green, and ivory? And a … Read more‘Tis the Season?

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  Have you ever been fascinated by something because it was foreign, perplexing, and a little unknowable? The Photographer says that he finds this jacket a little scary, but I’ve told him that he needs to walk toward his fear, not away. This false visual memory, however, prompted me to look up James Clavell’s Shogun … Read moreShogun

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