I/S/O The Right Sandals for Summer 2016

I/S/O The Right Sandals for Summer 2016

I am looking for a new pair of sandals this summer, and thought you might be, too. So let me share my discoveries with you.

I’ve mentioned red, platform sandals at least once in recent weeks. I think of them almost constantly.
I have a vivid picture in my mind — closed toe, ankle strap, substantial platform — which makes me think that at one time, they were real.
I started with Sundance, because Sundance often has interesting sandals. I didn’t find red sandals, but I found these.
Ciao Sandals from Sundance
Ciao Sandals from Sundance; muy interesante

Giuliana Sandals, also from Sundance
Giuliana Sandals, also from Sundance
And these! Which I also like. Note that the ankle strap is (or appears to be) a metallic leather, but the strap across the foot is suede, and the platform appears to be wrapped in a calfskin leather. I like this a lot.

I feel that these white sandals (which really combine elements of the sandal, the hurache, and the oxford) could be extremely useful with a variety of sundress silhouettes.
Matisse Nora Sandals from Anthropologie
Matisse Nora Sandals from Anthropologie want to make your life easier

___ ____ Mixed Media Sandals (Anthropologie)
Emma Go Keira Mixed Flats from Anthropologie; do they really shed?
These caught my eye, too. They would look charming with an office-ready white, black or solid navy sheath dress. So Mondrian.
Be advised, however, that the two reviewers on Anthropologie had some harsh words for these sandals. It’s always hard to know just how much weight to assign to consumer reviews . . .

Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Sandals from Anthropologie
Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Sandals from Anthropologie
I was able to inspect these sandals in person when a colleague wore them on casual Friday. They are terrific and also (according to her) comfortable.

Ancient Greek Sandals penetrated my consciousness several years ago. They are handmade in Greece and sold in the U.S. by Shopbop, Neiman Marcus, Saks, and others.
This Iphigenia style is so elegant and I particularly like the two-tone fabrication — though it also comes in all Vachetta leather, all black, and a number of other colors.
Ancient Greek Sandals Iphigenia
Ancient Greek Sandals Iphigenia

You can order Ancient Greek Sandals directly from the manufacturer and thereby avail yourself of a much greater choice in styles and colors than you would find at an U.S. retailer. There is a useful measurement/size guide on the site to help you select the correct size. The prices are higher (in some instances) when purchasing directly from AGS and you need to review the return policy carefully . . . because you have to get them back to Greece yourself and you only have 14 days to do so. I’m not saying you have to take them there yourself, but you need to arrange transport.
Ancient Greek Sandals Nephele
Ancient Greek Sandals Nephele
I’ve wanted a pair of these particular Ancient Greek Sandals for three years now. That’s a long enough period to distinguish a passing fancy from love everlasting, isn’t it? MuSt HaVE WiNGs!
Do you think people will snicker behind their hands if I wear these around town? Non! They’re brilliant.

Note: The Nephele comes in 17 colors. I think a metallic might be the smartest investment.
L'Amour des Pieds Brenn Ankle Strap Sandal
L’Amour des Pieds Brenn Ankle Strap Sandal
After casting a wider net, I found these red suede sandals at Nordstrom. They aren’t exactly what I had in mind, but they may be worth a try. Suede seems very in for sandals this summer, which is odd because I’ve never thought of suede as a summery textile.

And now a few unsolicited thoughts about pedicures.
In the summer, I look for colors that will harmonize with my summer clothes to some extent. Here are my favorites for summer, all by Essie: Little Brown Dress (dark brown cream); Golden Nuggets or Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low over Steeling the Scene (gold glitter metallics over silver cream); With the Band (a beautiful red creme with brown undertones — i.e., terracotta — which unfortunately seems to have been discontinued); and Leggy Legend (a beautiful copper metallic). My theory is that earth tones and metallics are neutrals that look good with any color. And that red (nail polish) is an honorary neutral. Discuss.
Have a fantastic weekend!

16 thoughts on “I/S/O The Right Sandals for Summer 2016”

  1. I think you should Google “Fly London yuna red” for closed toe with ankle strap red platform wedge sandals. I have them in black and they are extremely comfortable.

  2. Essie’s Topless and Barefoot is a great nude for toes. Very clean and professional looking. Though I am a big fan of bright toes for most of the summer (my favorite is Spring by tenoverten), last year I started trying neutrals. I also love Angel Food, which is a more white with pink undertones, on my toes (currently sporting this color). I have a dream of making a nail polish app that allows you to keep all of your favorite colors neatly organized by season and occasion.

    • I love this idea, Elena. If you build it, they will come. App should also help locate matches for discontinued colors like With the Band.

  3. I enjoy nail polish ONLY on my toes – and it’s always the same Revlon shade “Cherries in the Snow” – one time years ago, I even took my nail polish to a car paint shop and had them match the shade to repaint my ’72 VW Super Beetle. It was amazing. There is power in Red!

    I never go open toed to work, however there is something delightful when the peek of red appears on the weekends when I don sandals or in the spa section of the gym when I’m in flipflops.

    I’m hoping your wings on the AGS do not curl up – is the leather sufficiently stiff? If I saw you in public I would never snicker at them; I would openly applaud!

    • And why not take your favorite color to the autobody shop and have them custom-mix it for you? That is what they do. I bet the car looked fantastic. One of my friends in high school had a vintage VW bug convertible — white with a white top. It looked like a meringue cookie. It was absolutely beautiful.

  4. I’ve become fixated on wooden flatform sandals for this summer. Impractical for city walking, well, for any walking actually, but nonetheless I threw caution to the wind and have a pair similar to #2 shown.
    Now if the weather would cooperate I would attempt to clomp clomp clomp around in them with my toenails painted blue. I’m not so into harmonising at the moment.
    I’m very fond of those Greek sandals and can’t imagine they would cause anything other than coveting.

    • I know — those Stella McCartney sandals shown with the Pieced Creature were so beautiful. But so expensive. I have my limits and the sandals were well beyond them; perhaps you can share the details about yours? In other news, the Pieced Creature went on sale and has been re-obtained.

  5. I have been eyeing those “Fly London yuna red” sandals myself. Nice to know they are comfortable! Thanks too for the Essie nail color suggestions! Wish I had known about the Greek sandals – I visited there last May……

  6. Red is certainly an honorary neutral for toenails in the summer. No question about it.

    But. . .but. . .is a red pedicure with my red sandals too much? I worry about this.

    • Violinste: You have given voice (you know . . . in writing) to one of my worries — that red toenails + red sandals = disproportionate attention on feet/pools of blood. And thusly I began to explore the dark neutrals. For those who are wondering, I would never actually bother to re-do a pedicure to avoid red-on-red (much too lazy); this is, to some extent, a thought experiment.

  7. Italian brand A.S. 98, Colton sandal. I have them in emerald; also come in white, grey and sky blue. Vegetable tanned leather, slightly wedged lightweight white rubber sole. Most comfortable sandals for walking while stylish!

  8. I like the red suede ones. Do you suppose they’ll turn your foot red when you get caught in the inevitable evening rush hour thunderstorm?

    • Yes! I do suppose that they would . . . that’s why I always keep a pair of rain-boots and a pair of flip-flops at the office.

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