A New Silhouette for Miro

It’s so nice to start my work-week with you!
It’s only early May, but my thoughts are turning to the inevitable rise in temperatures coming our way soon.

I’ve taken stock of my summer clothes and concluded that I don’t need a thing — except, perhaps — a pair of wide-legged white pants because this pair have become thin to the point of transparency/obscenity.
Part of the reason that I don’t need a thing is because I bought three dresses at the end of last summer during the seasonal sale.* I also have a set of antique turquoise beads (acquired March 2018) that I need to make something of post-haste.
My focus this summer shall be making old things fresh. Like so:
New silhouette = fresh

My baby face (I will explain)
You last saw this top in 2016 paired with straight-legged, tropical weight wool pinstriped pants. So many adjectives (and compound adjectives) to describe these pants — perhaps unnecessary since I have included a link to the old post and you could see these things for yourself.

What, you may be asking, is my “baby face”? It’s the expression on my face when I catch sight of a baby passing by. The Photographer can always tell when a cute baby or dog has caught my eye.
Back to business! These wide-legged pants are so dramatic with this sculptural top. Combined with a pair of sharp mules, it’s a different look.
The top remains the star
Bien sur

I bought this top on Gilt several years ago (clearly, if I was showing it to you in 2016) and it still looks cutting-edge. It will never be in or out of style. It simply is style.
APPLAUSE for Derek Lam

Torso is always fully covered at work
I am wearing a black camisole underneath for coverage.
Note: In these photos, my bag neither matches nor relates to the red in my top. But I thought it did in natural daylight. Hmmmm.

My best friend liked this top so much after seeing it on this blog, she bought it, too. I am Influencer!
Personal Message: Mudge, do you still have this top? I think you should get these pants, too. And the shoes. Then come visit and we can walk around the Mall unnerving people like the twins in The Shining.
Nothing wrong with a little twinning

Top: Derek Lam 10 Crosby Street; Pants; JCrew; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Jerome Dreyfuss
* If I am being totally honest, I also bought an additional summer dress last month. So really no need for anything more.

9 thoughts on “A New Silhouette for Miro”

  1. Mudge here, reporting in. Top looks great with those pants! I do still have the top, though it’s a bit – ahem – snug these days. (I think it was a bit small even when I bought it, but I loved it so much and it was the last one left!) In an effort to be able to wear it again, tonight I made a lasagna with zucchini strips in place of noodles (and no cheese), which was actually quite good! I will keep you posted on my fauxsagna diet and we shall have our twins day before too long!

  2. How many shades of red bags should a girl be expected to own? It looks good to me!

    Sweet outfit and I think you’re right that never goes out of style is the essence of style.
    But there is a lot of design in this. The back is interesting, but discrete. The line of the shirt is good from the front, high-hip is always a nice length, but forgiving in the back, plus you don’t sit on the tails so they don’t get wrinkly.

    Often you see wide legged pants paired with tight or boxy tops. This is fitted and I think that’s a good look.

  3. The top is delightful and could easily demand space in a museum of contemporary art. I like it with the pants shown in the 2016 blog.

  4. Love this combination on you! I have some pants that would work, but now I need to go in search of such an interesting top. And the pointy mules! Are they at all walkable?

    • Completely walkable. They aren’t so pointy that you need to go a size up — they are just a little more angular than an almond shaped toe. But remember: There is no running in mules!


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