Know Your Assets

  I have three closets for clothes storage — two in my bedroom and one in the guest room (which is actually a sitting room . . . where we watch TV). I use the TV room closet for off-season clothes, which means every May and October, there is a weekend of transitioning, where I … Read more


  Smocking is indisputably adorable in children’s clothes, but I love the effect in women’s summer clothes, too. This blouse is made of gauzy cotton (actually, 72% cotton, 28% silk) — two layers — and is a little too full. I think I may have it taken in, down the sides, a couple of inches. … Read more

Back, in Black

  Last week I showed you my pink, loose-fitting summer dress and warned you that I bought it in a second color. Here it is! The skirt of this dress is bias cut and asymmetical; one side is fuller than the other and the hem is uneven, which you can see in this picture. The … Read more

Casual Friday: Layered Jacket

  My husband bought this little jacket for me a few years ago as a birthday present. I was very impressed with his choice, which was the product of deductive reasoning and limited sampling rather than an aesthetic vision. He’s not terribly interested in clothes, but he knows that I get some of my casual … Read more

Sorbet Shade for Summer

  As we move into the summer, you will be seeing more color and more dresses in my posts. A cotton or linen dress (or cotton or linen mixed with a little silk, which creates a beautiful blend) is just the thing to wear in the heat. This dress is a lightweight but stiff cotton … Read more

In Which The Directrice Wears Khakis

  First things first: A heartfelt thank you to those who responded to Tuesday’s micro-poll by posting a comment or sending me an email. Your responses were so intelligent and thoughtful; to the extent that you have been charmed by this blog, know that I am charmed by you. And for those who haven’t responded … Read more

The Woman in White

  Many style bloggers function sort of like personal shoppers, showcasing clothes that are in stores now. Not me; I am wearing a lot of my old clothes in these posts. Even when I have something new to show, it may no longer be in stores by the time that the season for wearing it … Read more

Origami Jacket

  I bought this jacket years ago, at a time when appliqués and ruffles were on everything: blouses, sweaters, trench coats, oven mitts. Would that be c. 2010? So, I envisioned an afterlife for the jacket: I could remove the origami-ruffle-appliqué trim and still have a useful little jacket. Sheila Bridges, the interior designer, urges … Read more