Variations on a Theme

  Earlier this year, The Directorate celebrated the acquisition of the perfect (for me) cropped white denim and off-black denim. I thought you might like to know how the denims have been doing.   * Sometime, long ago, we discussed natural, aluminum-free deodorants. After trying several, I settled on Schmidt’s, which comes in several appealing … Read more

Universal Standard

  Do you know about Universal Standard?   If you visit Universal Standard, be sure to check out the Erdem collaboration. Just search for “Erdem” and you will see charming floral blouses and denim pants.   Dress: Universal Standard Santorini Fine Cotton Shirt Dress, currently on FINAL SALE

The Rainbow Plays

  It’s very hard for me to resist stripes. Even loud, horizontally striped jackets, which, according to many style authorities, ought to be a non-non in any language. Stay tuned for the second half of the Berkshires trip later this week! Also forthcoming soon: a post on Universal Standard. Who’s already on-board the Universal Standard … Read more

The Directrice’s Go Bag

  Rather than make you guess, I’m just going to tell you where The Photographer and I are. We are in the Berkshires, escaping the heat of Washington, D.C. for a few days. We are staying in Pittsfield, at a hip hotel — Hotel on North — which puts us in easy striking distance of … Read more

An Ordinary Day at the Home Office

  As previously discussed on this blog, as recently as last week, I set some Spending Guidelines at the start of the pandemic that were intended to make my Pan-Spend meaningful (supporting artists and small businesses) and rational (not much need for new clothes to wear to the home office), without allowing unintended consequences to … Read more

The Directrice Hearts Art Jewelry

  At the start of the pandemic, I — like many — had an initial instinct to reduce spending and economize as a hedge against uncertainty. Within a few weeks (early summer 2020), it occurred to me that I had a duty to spend like a Keynesian economist on shore leave — meaning that I … Read more

Two Colors, One Denim . . . Allegedly

  Do you remember one of the first principles of The Directorate? That if you find something that fits perfectly and suits you perfectly and it comes in two colors, you should buy both? Be forewarned that a color change sometimes means a fabric change, so I did check the fabric content to ensure the … Read more

Stripe Makes Right Again

  Stripes are always right, right? We’ve talked about horizontally striped jerseys, vertically striped shirts and tops, and pinstriped pants in all seasons. But blue and white stripes seem especially right to me in the summer. Agree? Disagree? Remember this dramatic shirt, previously seen here, here, and here?   It’s seen today with cropped white … Read more


  In our CLE/CME series “Advanced Alterations: Case Studies” I give you: Hand-blocked Dress Over Pants (HBDOP) — a better-fitting dress over all-season white denim.   I added this dress to my list of “things requiring alteration” and waited to be reunited with Fatima.   Et voila!     * Provided for the CDE participants.+ … Read more