The Woman in White

  Many style bloggers function sort of like personal shoppers, showcasing clothes that are in stores now. Not me; I am wearing a lot of my old clothes in these posts. Even when I have something new to show, it may no longer be in stores by the time that the season for wearing it … Read more

Origami Jacket

  I bought this jacket years ago, at a time when appliqués and ruffles were on everything: blouses, sweaters, trench coats, oven mitts. Would that be c. 2010? So, I envisioned an afterlife for the jacket: I could remove the origami-ruffle-appliqué trim and still have a useful little jacket. Sheila Bridges, the interior designer, urges … Read more

The Virtues of Stripes

  Every woman needs at least one striped jersey in her wardrobe. That may seem like a strong proclamation, so you are owed an explanation. Horizontal stripes are a simple graphic and always look terrific with jeans and khakis for a casual look. During the warmer months, a striped jersey looks smart on Casual Friday … Read more

SpringSummer Bag

  Summer has stolen a march on Spring in Washington, D.C. It’s hot and I am not ready for heat — physically, psychologically or sartorially. But one change that is fairly easy to make is switching from my winter bag[s] to my summer bag[s].[1] I use my black bag[s] year-round, but in the warmer months … Read more

Boss Tweed

  Nothing looks fresher in the spring than navy blue. It’s a universally flattering color (which must be why it’s commonly used in uniforms), so it’s almost certain that you will look good in it and possibly even great. Be assured: no one looks like death warmed-over in navy blue. Whenever you buy a new … Read more