Micro-Bonus: A Little Weekend Reading

Dear Readers —

Perhaps this is of interest to you . . . I was interviewed by 40+ Style this week. You may want to check it out. If nothing else, you will learn my first name. And the website is a terrific (comprehensive, really) resource filled with all sorts of interesting and useful content.
I’m so curious to know if I look like my name. Post your best guess below before you head over to 40+ Style. I’ll give you a head start in the process of elimination by telling you that my mother thought about naming me Blair or Aimee, but ultimately chose something else. You can also rule out “Harper” and “Posy” because . . . do I seem like the kind of person who would name a cat after herself?

She respects our autonomy
She respects our autonomy, individuality, and bodily integrity
She respects our sense of self and individuality
Dignity, always dignity

One last little thing: If you have signed up for alerts and never receive them (or have stopped receiving them) — check your junk/spam folder. My innocent alerts are probably nestled in between emails offering one night stands and personal loans. If you would be so kind, please also click on any “Not Spam” button you can see in your email program. That will help persuade the vast gigabrains of the Internet that email from The Directrice is both harmless and desired.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Warm regards,

The Directrice

15 thoughts on “Micro-Bonus: A Little Weekend Reading”

  1. Directrice – I know your mother and cannot fathom her coming up with the name Aimee. That would be like calling a “cookie” a “cookee”.

    I could see you as Catherine or Harriet.

  2. Great article! I only recently started following your blog and now I look forward to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I have thick wavy curly hair that I was half heartedly growing out, didn’t know what to do with it, and I showed some of your pictures to my trusted hairdresser and she cut mine much like yours only no quite so short in back. I love it and thanks for the inspiration! Love your style!

    • Hi Julia — I am so pleased! Do you realize that the key to maintaining this hairstyle (daily) is not combing your hair? My mother is horrified, but I haven’t combed my hair (with a comb) in almost two decades. When you comb (or >ack!< brush) you risk "bruising" the curls, so I just tidy it with my fingers.

  3. nice article, Victoria! Thanks for sharing. I do hope you are building up your readership. How do I share the link on FB to help grow the readership? Thanks!!!!!

    • Hello Sheila, the easiest way is to click on the blue “Share” button you see under the title of each entry. (You could pick a post you’ve liked recently and share that one.) Assuming you have a Facebook account, it will bring up a window that lets you share the posting with your Facebook friends. If you don’t have a Facebook account, not to worry – just tell some friends in real life!

  4. I recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I especially like your writing style and humor and look forward to your posts. Plus, your layering choices are so much more creative than mine, which has expanded my thinking about my own wardrobe, so thanks for that too. Names that popped into my head as I read your post today were Gloria or Bernadette. (Could be a flashback to my friend, Bernadette, in Jr High School – I was always fascinated with her clothes too!) Now I’ll go read the article.

  5. As a colleague and friend, I do think it suits you. Blair could have done you justice as well (though Blair doesn’t flow as well with your last name and Victoria sounds somewhat more classic and approachable). Regarding Harper – had Fatz IV been a girl, Harper was a contender. But then again, H names are few and far between if you don’t choose Hannah, Holly or Hillary. I digress. Last thought – this was certainly the right cat photo, even though I didn’t have a chance to participate in the poll on that topic.

  6. Like another reader I wish to be your clone and now pincurl my hair. The blog is so incredibly appreciated and has totally overcome my profound sloth when it comes to my sartorial side. I am alert and actively hunting clothes, reviewing tips and suggested outfits. So fun that my husband banned my iPad from morning coffee with him. Your good humor and lighter view of the subject may just turn the tide. The cats are the coziest. Xo. Kate

    • I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying the blog and finding it useful, Kate! Very nice that you and your husband are sharing morning coffee . . . The Directrice will be waiting for you all day!

  7. I found your site after reading your interview on 40 plus style- I love it! I am really enjoying your sense of humour ( and LOL- ing- luckily, my husband is wearing his headphones so can’t hear me…..) as well as your explanations and suggestions with regards to what you have chosen to wear and why! FYI, I am a doctor in Australia, enjoy fashion blogs and have liked yours so much I have written my first comment!

    • I am deeply honored, Dawn! I read a number of blogs and have almost never commented — but am now realizing that the comments are both the blogger’s reward and guide, so am very appreciative when people take the time. Other commenters have identified themselves as doctors. I am curious: do you wear lab coats over your street clothes and if so, prefer blouses and sweaters to jackets? Or are lab coats passe?

      • No, we don’t have to wear lab coats over our clothes anymore! I live in a relatively cold part of Australia so my winter ” uniform” consists of tights, knee high boots, dress or top/ skirt with a long sleeved layer underneath plus cardigan (easier to move in than jacket) on top and of course an extremely warm coat and scarf over all this if going outside! …..and as those who know me would know, most likely a statement necklace!

  8. Would you ever consider giving a photo tour of your closet? I would love a glimpse into how you care for, manage and store your wardrobe… including your shoes. Your clothing always looks crisp and well maintained.

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