Holiday Weekend PSA

  Be not alarmed by the unexpected alert in your e-mailbox.   This isn’t an emergency, but I thought you would like to know about the following things that I found at JCrew, which is in the midst of a 30% off sale. Do with this information what you will! I hope that you are … Read more…

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A New Model

  I have reservations about the sharing and gig economies. We live in a national economy that compels people to rent their time and possessions to the lowest bidder while a tech overlord . . . no, no, I won’t air my grievances here because (a) this is a style blog that provides light entertainment … Read more…

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  Where have I been? You may not be surprised to learn that this trip was The Photographer’s pet project. He told me that seeing an eclipse was on his bucket list . . . a list I’ve never seen and do not think is actually written. But I was game.     * At … Read more…

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The Final Adventures of The Photographer and The Directrice*

  Our home base was Camden where there are numerous entertainments: a harbor with boats that will take you out for a sail; plentiful restaurants; some charming shops; an abundance of well-fed Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labs happy to be admired by strangers; a library, a new bookshop, and used bookshop, and; a large candy … Read more…

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We Go Afield

  Perhaps it’s useful . . . instructive . . . to see my Casual Friday clothes re-purposed as vacation wear with a limited prop box of accessories? And to see the glories of Maine?   The Photographer and I are trying to divide our time between three major activities: (1) lazing on our floating … Read more…

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A Sunday Night PSA

  I found a beautiful sky blue dress on sale.   Not for me, sillies. For you. Good night! See you tomorrow morning!

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The Highest Order of Self-Expression

  There are only a few things that we wear day after day, possibly every day: a ring, a handbag, a trench coat or overcoat, dress shoes. Many people take particular care when selecting these items, looking for versatility and longevity, and spend more for the highest quality so that they present well.   But … Read more…

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Awesome But Not Trying

  My best friend is going to her 30th high school reunion in June and she needs to “look awesome, but not like she was trying.”*   I comprehend perfectly. I have a few ideas and I am going to share them with you in case you, too, are headed back to school this summer. … Read more…

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Happy Feet

  Did you know that you can customize Nike sneakers? This feature — NIKEiD — has been around for almost ten years. In 2008, I designed a pair of sneakers so awesome that when I was wearing them people routinely came up to me — on the street, in restaurants and stores — to ask … Read more…

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An Abbrieviated PSA

  This post is a bonus post, not intended to take the place of a regularly-scheduled post.   I am pinched for time, and therefore am only alerting you — in the briefest of terms — to the fact that you always, always, need a khaki dress and a white blouse and I found a … Read more…

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