The Highest Order of Self-Expression

  There are only a few things that we wear day after day, possibly every day: a ring, a handbag, a trench coat or overcoat, dress shoes. Many people take particular care when selecting these items, looking for versatility and longevity, and spend more for the highest quality so that they present well.   But … Read more…

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Awesome But Not Trying

  My best friend is going to her 30th high school reunion in June and she needs to “look awesome, but not like she was trying.”*   I comprehend perfectly. I have a few ideas and I am going to share them with you in case you, too, are headed back to school this summer. … Read more…

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Happy Feet

  Did you know that you can customize Nike sneakers? This feature — NIKEiD — has been around for almost ten years. In 2008, I designed a pair of sneakers so awesome that when I was wearing them people routinely came up to me — on the street, in restaurants and stores — to ask … Read more…

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An Abbrieviated PSA

  This post is a bonus post, not intended to take the place of a regularly-scheduled post.   I am pinched for time, and therefore am only alerting you — in the briefest of terms — to the fact that you always, always, need a khaki dress and a white blouse and I found a … Read more…

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A Few Odds and Ends

  As you know, I am an unregenerate tinkerer, always altering my clothes. I often forget to show you “BEFORE” photos and therefore will try to do better in 2017. I recently did a Google search for corset-style belts — something wider than a belt but smaller than a bustier — and want to advise … Read more…

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The Directrice Gives Back

  Oyez, Oyez!   I am cleaning my closets ruthlessly, which means giving away some dear things. I want them to have good homes.   You may be saying to yourself, “GiVINg AwAY?? To wHOm?”   To you, of course. Here’s the deal . . . A Contest!   But first, Eligibility. Eligible contestants are … Read more…

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Blending In

  I occasionally wonder whether being “properly dressed” is determined by reference to normative standards or relative ones. As with many legal questions, the answer is, It depends. While there are normative standards for attire, at the end of the day, proper dress is about respect for your host. You should dress the way that … Read more…

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The Beauty Routine

  The irony of being asked for the secrets of my beauty routine is profound. While I am good at picking out clothing, I am hopeless with hair and make-up. Totally hopeless. Therefore, I have boiled hair and make-up down to the essentials. I hope you won’t be too disappointed. So here is the daily … Read more…

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It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times

  As we head into 2017 — a year so far in the future that I never even imagined it as a girl — it’s a good time to look back. Focusing on the positive, I’ve pulled together my favorite posts of the year.   The six (could not limit self to five) best High … Read more…

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Could Go Either Way

  I wore this outfit during the last week of October. Lesson No. 2: A distinctive blouse with a pair of old khakis and smart flats is a chic outfit. Isn’t that good to know?   Blouse: Vanessa Bruno; Khakis: Ann Taylor; Bag: Car Shoe; Shoes: Coach; Jacket: Anthropologie

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