The Best of the Year: Is This Is Really It?

  It’s time to take a look back and see how far we’ve come this year. What have we worn? What have we learned?   And finalmente, my legacy. The most useful posts of the year are The Key Set, Parts I-IV.  

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The Key Set, Part IV: The Finishing Touches

  I’ve always told you that the accessories are for extra credit. The busy professional who manages to sally forth four days out of five looking pretty well put together while expressing her own taste and wit gets an A as far as I am concerned. The one who does this and remembers to wear … Read more…

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The Key Set, Part III: Casual Layers

  Rounding out the Key Set are the casual layers. These are some of my favorite casual business and casual Friday selections. Some have more layers than might be apparent at first glance. You may be asking Why layering? Who really cares? Layers = depth; depth = visual interest. Certainly, some garments are so beautifully … Read more…

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The Key Set, Part II: The Dresses

  When I started this blog, I felt it was wrong to showcase dresses because . . . there isn’t much to say about wearing a dress, is there? But I came to believe that I should share these with you because dresses are a big part of my wardrobe. They are easy, yet polished … Read more…

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The Key Set, Part I: The Chic Bits

It’s a little satisfying to look back over the content that I’ve generated for this blog because: So Much! But I am concerned that this oeuvre isn’t as navigable as I’d like and that the most important posts (cannot believe that I just wrote that: the most important posts on my hobby style blog) are … Read more…

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Holiday Weekend PSA

  Be not alarmed by the unexpected alert in your e-mailbox.   This isn’t an emergency, but I thought you would like to know about the following things that I found at JCrew, which is in the midst of a 30% off sale. Do with this information what you will! I hope that you are … Read more…

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A New Model

  I have reservations about the sharing and gig economies. We live in a national economy that compels people to rent their time and possessions to the lowest bidder while a tech overlord . . . no, no, I won’t air my grievances here because (a) this is a style blog that provides light entertainment … Read more…

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  Where have I been? You may not be surprised to learn that this trip was The Photographer’s pet project. He told me that seeing an eclipse was on his bucket list . . . a list I’ve never seen and do not think is actually written. But I was game.     * At … Read more…

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The Final Adventures of The Photographer and The Directrice*

  Our home base was Camden where there are numerous entertainments: a harbor with boats that will take you out for a sail; plentiful restaurants; some charming shops; an abundance of well-fed Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labs happy to be admired by strangers; a library, a new bookshop, and used bookshop, and; a large candy … Read more…

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We Go Afield

  Perhaps it’s useful . . . instructive . . . to see my Casual Friday clothes re-purposed as vacation wear with a limited prop box of accessories? And to see the glories of Maine?   The Photographer and I are trying to divide our time between three major activities: (1) lazing on our floating … Read more…

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