Home Movies

  You said you wanted to see my selfie-movies. Be careful what you wish for!   When I want to see how an outfit looks, I don’t take a photo. I make a little movie. I think this is much more effective than holding a camera at an odd angle in front of a full … Read moreHome Movies

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A Labor Day PSA

  Oyez, oyez! This honorable court is now in session.   It’s a holiday weekend at the end of a season. I would be remiss if I didn’t spend a few minutes of my weekend working on your behalf. OK. Our behalf.   Note: I didn’t spend more than a few minutes, so don’t try … Read moreA Labor Day PSA

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There Will Never Be Another You

  Though I am not a religious person, I am a bit of a fatalist, which causes me to believe that there is purpose behind seemingly inexplicable things which will be revealed to me at the right time.   For instance, I have occasionally wondered why I launched this blog.   And now I know: … Read moreThere Will Never Be Another You

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The Directrice Opines: Professional But Approachable

  I was traveling last week for appointments that I felt were more dress than suit. Even though I didn’t want to wear a suit, I knew I’d need a jacket because of the excessive air-conditioning that is now standard everywhere. Whisk, whisk, whisk through the closet looking for the right jacket to wear with … Read moreThe Directrice Opines: Professional But Approachable

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Adiós, Chile!

It seems like we just got here, but non. It’s been two weeks and it’s time to go home. As you read this, I am probably engaged in an in-flight marathon of Marvel Comics movies: Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Captain America: Civil War; Captain America: It’s Mueller Time! After leaving the desert, we flew … Read moreAdiós, Chile!

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We Are High and Dry

We like the Alto Atacama so much that we have spent more than half of our time lounging around the resort rather than taking advantage of the excursions available to us daily.* In case you are wondering how big this landscape is, there are people in the photograph directly above. I don’t mean the shadows. … Read moreWe Are High and Dry

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Pictures of People, Places, and Things

In Santiago, we spent a half-day with a guide — seeing some of the more famous sights and getting taste of this complex, vibrant city. We saw the changing of guard at La Moneda (actually, we saw the horses’ hind ends as they walked away) and other significant government buildings, as well as a number … Read morePictures of People, Places, and Things

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A Dress of Definite Shape

First things first: We are in Chile and these early photos were taken in Santiago. Come closer and take a gander at the sleeves. And now, enough of my yammering about clothes. Let’s take a look at Santiago. We stayed in Barrio Lastarria.* This shaggy building looks like an art installation, but it’s not . … Read moreA Dress of Definite Shape

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Where In The World Are The Directrice and The Photographer?

We are away! Now a couple of photos that will: (1) allow you to see the sleevey side of the dress, which is not as flattering as the sleeveless side, but is very interesting and (2) provide additional clues — atmospheric clues — about our location. Perhaps a photo without me in the way would … Read moreWhere In The World Are The Directrice and The Photographer?

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The Best of the Year: Is This Is Really It?

  It’s time to take a look back and see how far we’ve come this year. What have we worn? What have we learned?   And finalmente, my legacy. The most useful posts of the year are The Key Set, Parts I-IV.  

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