Casual Friday: Showing My Stripes

My unbounded enthusiasm for stripes is no secret. I found this top a few months ago; the designer showed it with a matching skirt, but that seemed like a little too much stripe to me.

I thought it would look better with khakis layered over a collared blouse, like this:
Striped right

The top is fabricated from an incredibly heavy viscose/nylon/elastane blend, which is a little perplexing because it was sold during SS2015; you couldn’t wear it in the heat. I also wouldn’t take this on a trip because it’s appreciably heavy. (Think of the difference between a 2 pound laptop and a 6 pound one.) But it’s perfect for cooler weather (fall, early spring) and would look cute with a number of tops and bottoms — e.g., with red pants (if one owned such a garment) or with a long sleeved white blouse or black tee shirt underneath.

The most luxurious polyester on Earth
The most luxurious viscose blend on Earth
Draped back
A nice detail: the split, draped back

Not just a boxy tee
A layer underneath is actually necessary for office wear

Now that we are into fall, it’s time to restore the assertive black footwear to the front of the closet. Black penny loafers are an essential. I think I’ve had a pair in my closet almost continuously since 1990.
At age 45, I am finally too cool for school
At age 45, I am finally too cool for school

My loafers are from Tory Burch (2013), but I scouted these for you:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Wooster Kiltie Loafer
Marc by Marc Jacobs Wooster Kiltie Loafers (Note: This one is grey, not black; it also comes in red. You might want to jump on the red, because red penny loafers look great with a black turtleneck sweater and black skinny pants.)

For more on my opinions on stripes, see what I do on Casual Saturdays.

Top: A.L.C. Dale Top (still available at Barney’s Warehouse); Blouse (underneath): Banana Republic; Pants: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Coach

3 thoughts on “Casual Friday: Showing My Stripes”

  1. Adorable! I love how the collared blouse changes the neckline. On the model, the neck is much more round and open. Here it looks tidy, and the collar adds something for the eye to look at (besides all the stripes, of course). White collared blouse to the rescue again!


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