Boss Tweed

  Nothing looks fresher in the spring than navy blue. It’s a universally flattering color (which must be why it’s commonly used in uniforms), so it’s almost certain that you will look good in it and possibly even great. Be assured: no one looks like death warmed-over in navy blue. Whenever you buy a new … Read more

Casual Friday: Anchors Aweigh!

  Stripes are always fresh, the perfect thing for Fridays.   I poked around a little on the Internet looking for a current season jacket like this one and didn’t see anything that was quite right — but trust me: white/navy, ivory/navy, and navy/white stripes are a classic combination and pop up every spring/summer. So … Read more

This Moto Jacket Means Business

  Moto (short for motorcycle) jackets have such great shape and details — asymmetry, zippers, snaps, buckles, elbow patches. They are, quite simply, too cool to belong exclusively to motorcyclists — and thus have been appropriated by the fashion industry for every conceivable occasion. See, e.g., Leandra Medine of Manrepeller here, wearing a moto jacket … Read more

Casual Friday: Five Easy Pieces

  I won’t be posting casual outfits every Friday (in case you are wondering), but I am posting this one for two reasons. My blouse you will note, is a little different than the one shown at Anthropologie: I decided that the dots finishing the pointed hem were a little twee for a 45 year … Read more

Auntie Mame

  Let’s walk through the Taxonomy of Dress, starting at the bottom: 1. Clothes: clothing worn when you can’t think of what to wear 2. Outfit: clothing selected and coordinated with purpose 3. Ensemble: clothing selected and coordinated with a higher degree of skill; all parts relate to one another and the whole 4. Get-up: … Read more

Nervy Optical Stripes

You may have realized in reading other posts that I esteem the craft of sewing and swoon over fine craftsmanship? And yet I am fascinated by this tank which is barely assembled. Viewed in a harsh light (figuratively speaking) it looks like the work of a guy who got a deal on 10,000 yards of … Read more

Shadow Dress

  My taste leans toward fairly simple clothes — clean lines and classic styles — generally. But sometimes one wants something a little more . . . directional, as they say in the industry. And when I feel that impulse, I look to 3.1 Phillip Lim, where I found this dress:     I like … Read more

Cathedral or Jungle?

Let’s look at the details: All I need is a little patent leather — iridescent purple bag, black flats — and I am dressed for the day. Dress: Shoshanna; Pants: JCrew Campbell pants; Half-Sleeved Cardigan: JCrew; Woolly Cardigan: Aspesi; Bag: Car Shoe; Shoes: French Sole New York; Watch: Ritmo Mundo