Auntie Mame

  Let’s walk through the Taxonomy of Dress, starting at the bottom: 1. Clothes: clothing worn when you can’t think of what to wear 2. Outfit: clothing selected and coordinated with purpose 3. Ensemble: clothing selected and coordinated with a higher degree of skill; all parts relate to one another and the whole 4. Get-up: … Read more

Nervy Optical Stripes

You may have realized in reading other posts that I esteem the craft of sewing and swoon over fine craftsmanship? And yet I am fascinated by this tank which is barely assembled. Viewed in a harsh light (figuratively speaking) it looks like the work of a guy who got a deal on 10,000 yards of … Read more

Shadow Dress

  My taste leans toward fairly simple clothes — clean lines and classic styles — generally. But sometimes one wants something a little more . . . directional, as they say in the industry. And when I feel that impulse, I look to 3.1 Phillip Lim, where I found this dress:     I like … Read more

Cathedral or Jungle?

Let’s look at the details: All I need is a little patent leather — iridescent purple bag, black flats — and I am dressed for the day. Dress: Shoshanna; Pants: JCrew Campbell pants; Half-Sleeved Cardigan: JCrew; Woolly Cardigan: Aspesi; Bag: Car Shoe; Shoes: French Sole New York; Watch: Ritmo Mundo

Tin Man

Here is the jacket up-close: Jacket: L’Agence; Blouse: Alice by Alice Temperley; Pants: JCrew; Bag: Coach; Shoes: Taryn Rose

Transition to Spring

  The vernal equinox is upon us, which means it’s time to start transitioning to spring.   I find the winter-spring transition much harder than the transition from summer to fall. This may be because the rhythm of the school year is so deeply ingrained that muscle memory helps me get dressed in October. (I … Read more

Casual Friday: Professorial Tweed

But this tweed jacket is totally safe because I wore it a lot last winter. I often wear it with a white or cream colored blouse and jeans, but this crisply-patterned blouse is a fun alternative. A brown tweed jacket like this also looks good with pale pink or lavender (a blouse or sweater) and … Read more

The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit, Remixed

Let’s take a look at details.   A different sweater and accessories create a more relaxed, but still professional, look. The key to wearing a sweater over a dress is that the sweater must be cropped so that it hits at or above your natural waistline. A design that is cinched at the waist, like … Read more