Back, in Black

  Last week I showed you my pink, loose-fitting summer dress and warned you that I bought it in a second color. Here it is! The skirt of this dress is bias cut and asymmetical; one side is fuller than the other and the hem is uneven, which you can see in this picture. The … Read more

Casual Friday: Layered Jacket

  My husband bought this little jacket for me a few years ago as a birthday present. I was very impressed with his choice, which was the product of deductive reasoning and limited sampling rather than an aesthetic vision. He’s not terribly interested in clothes, but he knows that I get some of my casual … Read more

Sorbet Shade for Summer

  As we move into the summer, you will be seeing more color and more dresses in my posts. A cotton or linen dress (or cotton or linen mixed with a little silk, which creates a beautiful blend) is just the thing to wear in the heat. This dress is a lightweight but stiff cotton … Read more

SpringSummer Bag

  Summer has stolen a march on Spring in Washington, D.C. It’s hot and I am not ready for heat — physically, psychologically or sartorially. But one change that is fairly easy to make is switching from my winter bag[s] to my summer bag[s].[1] I use my black bag[s] year-round, but in the warmer months … Read more

The Conversation-Stopping Necklace

  Traditional style guidance has said that large jewelry is not flattering to, or elegant on, small women. But opinions about beauty, diversity, and body type have evolved. Statement Necklaces have been ubiquitous for the last five years and everyone gets to wear them, including me! A word of warning about necklaces like these: Don’t … Read more

The Virtues of Large Scarves

  A scarf can be a lovely finishing touch, elevating an ordinary jacket or adding complexity and depth to a more considered ensemble. Here, a confession: I feel safer when I am wrapped up in a scarf. I don’t mean cozy. There is something above keeping my throat covered that gives me a sense of … Read more

This Moto Jacket Means Business

  Moto (short for motorcycle) jackets have such great shape and details — asymmetry, zippers, snaps, buckles, elbow patches. They are, quite simply, too cool to belong exclusively to motorcyclists — and thus have been appropriated by the fashion industry for every conceivable occasion. See, e.g., Leandra Medine of Manrepeller here, wearing a moto jacket … Read more

Needs a Bracelet

  Most outfits needs a little jewelry — a necklace, brooch or bracelet — to look finished. Of these choices, bracelets are the easiest to coordinate with an ensemble and their versatility makes them the best investment of any money you’ve set aside for jewelry. If you still need convincing, consider: The women who write … Read more