Piled On

  Do you remember when you were little, the fun of a dress-up box? A big piece of the fun is wearing as many things as you can at one time.   For those looking to spend (invest) an hour on this blog, I recommend 2019. I think it was my best year.

It’s The Little Things Again

  I feel compelled to disclose at the outset that this is a surprisingly long post filled with old clothes.   Better you hear it from me now than discover it for yourself after three minutes of scrolling.   Quickly, here are the old clothes.   There are, however, small lessons to be imparted.   … Read more

A Most Unnatural Pair of Pants

  Many years ago, I had a pair of comfortable black pants — from Ann Taylor, I think — that I discovered were indestructible. Made of entirely synthetic fibers, the pants could not be stained, shrunken, faded, or stretched out. A colleague and I dubbed them “the plastic pants” and delighted in all the ways … Read more

The Best Jacket

  Perhaps if we try to think about dressing for work at home in a more positive mindset, we’ll feel better about it.   Pan-dressing: The Power and the Glory!   I feel better already. You can see in these photos that the back of the jacket is a little longer than the front. I … Read more

Light Metal

  In preparation for a new president and administration, I’ve been reviewing the Obama years with nostalgia. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a definitive art-book on Mrs. Obama’s style — but I have contented myself with a large volume of Pete Souza’s photographs and Michael Smith’s book on decorating the White House.   Sweater: … Read more

A Topographic Brooch

  Reflecting on the last eight months, I have to admit that as much as I have been missing normal life, I may be particularly well-disposed for months of remote work. I’m an introvert, I live with two fluffy lap cats, and I have a large collection of strange, statement necklaces and brooches perfect for … Read more

Zoom Hero

  Hello, hello!   I’ve been missing you terribly, but somehow unable to open my laptop and start typing. The combined forces of election anxiety and pandemic despair annexed the small part of my brain reserved for creative efforts and my heart didn’t have the power to compensate. I realize that one could fairly say, … Read more

The Woman in White Is Not Done

  This post shows two core lessons of The Directrice in practice. No fears! A little Oxyclean removed all of the evidence.   Moving the cat was the right call. But I don’t have limitless space, so I only deal in crushable hats. This one is partially satisfying my fixation.   Dress: Love Binetti; Hat: … Read more

Hideo-Marvelous Shoes to Fill

  At the start of the summer, I had one pair of sandals in the apartment (an oversight in packing seasonal shoes for storage last year) and was too lazy to go down to the basement and bring the summer shoes up.* That collection includes some really fun sandals including these, and these, and these. … Read more