Figurative and Abstract Flowers

Is it too early in 2019 for a retrospective?

Maybe yes, maybe no — but regardless, today we’re looking back at two posts from early 2019: The RealReal (17 days ago) and The Bellhop (14 days ago).
Remember: We agreed that I could experiment with a serial format!
I’m sure the educators in the audience would agree that my instructional methods have a foundation in the literature

First up: Another find from The RealReal. I knew it would fit because the measurements were provided. Except that those measurements did not include the circumference of the sleeves which were extremely narrow and tight.
I loved the fabric and the slim cut through the shoulders and bust
I planned to wear it as it is here — with a belt — to create shape through the waist; the fabric bells out nicely over the hips

In fact, the sleeves were so tight that I got stuck in this top — could not take it off — and The Photographer had to extract me from it.
Be advised by me: If you are ever trying on a piece of clothing on and thinking to yourself, Gosh this is really hard to get into, and you are not struggling with a zipper or button, but simply trying to pull a piece of non-stretch fabric into place, STOP. Trust me on this. Getting it on is the easy part.
How do you think I fixed these sleeves?

I brought them to Fatima!
She salvaged two little pieces of fabric from the hem and created a gusset under each arm

For fun, I added this flower brooch, which is the same shape and color as the daisies in the fabric.
Brooch adds appreciable depth to the woven flowers

On cooler days, a fitted jacket is another way to wear this top.
I removed the belt because the jacket is doing belt’s work — cinching the top.
Jacket is dragooned into performing two jobs

I think it’s reasonable to challenge the jacket
You may not have noticed, but these pants are not the pants I have previously paired with The Bellhop. They are straight-legged — not wide-legged — wool trousers.

And now, a different brooch! A vintage brooch similar in size and color to the lucite brooch shown above but very, very different.
I found this Line Vautrin (maker) Talosel (a patented synthetic resin material) brooch on 1st Dibs and was enchanted.
Here, I do not look enchanted — but I am; I love old things

I cannot say why I have two pink floral brooches. We should ask my black jackets to explain.
Clearly I gravitate toward types

I opened the outline for my book proposal — The Directrice Speaks* — last weekend and thought it wasn’t bad. I incorporated all of the ideas that you gave me in 2017 and may be coming back for more advice soon. There is a chapter titled “Complicated Situations and Trying Times” and its subparts are Rain/Sweating/Air-conditioning/Walking/Interminable Winters and Second Summers/Office Gatherings/Travel.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Top: Stella McCartney from The RealReal; PVC Belt: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti from YOOX; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Taryn Rose; Figurative brooch: Alexis Bittar; Abstract Brooch: Line Vautrin from 1st Dibs

* Not actually the working title.

5 thoughts on “Figurative and Abstract Flowers”

  1. The pin is so interesting and lovely; the clear belt is just perfect. I’ll bet it gets used often with its transparency allowing continuous use. Liked it all jacketed as well.

  2. So many things to love in this post! I can’t put my finger on why I like that floral top so much, but I do — maybe the texture (and of course the mental image of you being trapped in a field of woven daisies). I’m definitely digging the clear belt, now sadly gone from YOOX. And new pants! You look so long and leggy. Plus you’re continuing to feed my new brooch obsession. But lastly: the book! Can’t wait to hear more.

  3. The trying times list is spot on; perhaps combined trying times advice? Long, rainy walks while traveling (so specific, and yet, something I’ve planned for myself)?


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