Origami Jacket

  I bought this jacket years ago, at a time when appliqués and ruffles were on everything: blouses, sweaters, trench coats, oven mitts. Would that be c. 2010? So, I envisioned an afterlife for the jacket: I could remove the origami-ruffle-appliqué trim and still have a useful little jacket. Sheila Bridges, the interior designer, urges … Read more

Small Changes, Big Difference

  In some of my favorite comfort reading (books by Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Georgette Heyer) the female characters extend the lives of their clothes (and hats) by remaking them periodically. I’ve always found this concept charming (although for most of these fictitous practitioners, it was a measure of harsh economy) and at the … Read more

The Virtues of Stripes

  Every woman needs at least one striped jersey in her wardrobe. That may seem like a strong proclamation, so you are owed an explanation. Horizontal stripes are a simple graphic and always look terrific with jeans and khakis for a casual look. During the warmer months, a striped jersey looks smart on Casual Friday … Read more

SpringSummer Bag

  Summer has stolen a march on Spring in Washington, D.C. It’s hot and I am not ready for heat — physically, psychologically or sartorially. But one change that is fairly easy to make is switching from my winter bag[s] to my summer bag[s].[1] I use my black bag[s] year-round, but in the warmer months … Read more

Boss Tweed

  Nothing looks fresher in the spring than navy blue. It’s a universally flattering color (which must be why it’s commonly used in uniforms), so it’s almost certain that you will look good in it and possibly even great. Be assured: no one looks like death warmed-over in navy blue. Whenever you buy a new … Read more

Casual Friday: Anchors Aweigh!

  Stripes are always fresh, the perfect thing for Fridays.   I poked around a little on the Internet looking for a current season jacket like this one and didn’t see anything that was quite right — but trust me: white/navy, ivory/navy, and navy/white stripes are a classic combination and pop up every spring/summer. So … Read more