This Moto Jacket Means Business

  Moto (short for motorcycle) jackets have such great shape and details — asymmetry, zippers, snaps, buckles, elbow patches. They are, quite simply, too cool to belong exclusively to motorcyclists — and thus have been appropriated by the fashion industry for every conceivable occasion. See, e.g., Leandra Medine of Manrepeller here, wearing a moto jacket … Read more

Casual Friday: Five Easy Pieces

  I won’t be posting casual outfits every Friday (in case you are wondering), but I am posting this one for two reasons. My blouse you will note, is a little different than the one shown at Anthropologie: I decided that the dots finishing the pointed hem were a little twee for a 45 year … Read more

Needs a Bracelet

  Most outfits needs a little jewelry — a necklace, brooch or bracelet — to look finished. Of these choices, bracelets are the easiest to coordinate with an ensemble and their versatility makes them the best investment of any money you’ve set aside for jewelry. If you still need convincing, consider: The women who write … Read more

Auntie Mame

  Let’s walk through the Taxonomy of Dress, starting at the bottom: 1. Clothes: clothing worn when you can’t think of what to wear 2. Outfit: clothing selected and coordinated with purpose 3. Ensemble: clothing selected and coordinated with a higher degree of skill; all parts relate to one another and the whole 4. Get-up: … Read more

Nervy Optical Stripes

You may have realized in reading other posts that I esteem the craft of sewing and swoon over fine craftsmanship? And yet I am fascinated by this tank which is barely assembled. Viewed in a harsh light (figuratively speaking) it looks like the work of a guy who got a deal on 10,000 yards of … Read more