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You said you wanted to see my selfie-movies. Be careful what you wish for!
When I want to see how an outfit looks, I don’t take a photo. I make a little movie. I think this is much more effective than holding a camera at an odd angle in front of a full length mirror.
Also remember: I don’t have a full-length mirror.
I went to a conference this week. The weather was expected to be mid 70s during the days, low 60s at night. The schedule included panel discussions during the day and a cocktail hour and sort-of fancy dinner on both nights. I packed an odd assortment of clothes: four sleeveless dresses, one of which was shiny; a taffeta jacket for evening that is just a little bit matronly; an uncomfortable pair of patent leather wedges to wear both days and both evenings. I wore a pair of wide-legged canvas utility trousers, a short-sleeved white blouse, and my studded mules. Hmmmmm.

Here is what I wore to the first dinner.
You’ve seen the black dress before, with a slim, merino wool turtleneck under it. I think I like it much better without the turtleneck.
Note: I trashed the hotel room, just like Johnny Depp.

Here is what I wore on the second day of the conference.
You’ve seen this dress before with a long-sleeved floral blouse under it. I think this short-sleeved dotted swiss blouse works well.

And now, bonus footage of me trying on a dress for fall.
Part way through, I become distracted. So typical.
Please disregard the mess in the kitchen. When I come home from work, I just drop everything in the kitchen.

In case you are wondering what other dresses made the trip: this one and this one.
Have a fantastic weekend!

10 thoughts on “Home Movies

  1. I love this! You look like one of the models from old movies (perhaps How to Marry a Millionaire?) showing off the new early fall garments in the department store’s little showroom.

  2. Love! If I’m not mistaken, the first video shows you leaning forward to check for cleavage — a major issue at work-related events and good for you for checking! I also caught a daring flash of thigh in the last moments of the third video — nice!

  3. I chuckled but the videos were quite effective at sporting the dresses you did take. Bravo for the model and photographer rolled into one. You looked so pretty and easy with all of us gawking down the line. We are lucky enough to go with you.

  4. Good idea. Since none of us are statues,it makes sense to see how well our clothing moves with us. I tried this once,but my technical abilities are pitiful and the result was something like a Charlie Chaplin movie on speed. It did make me laugh a lot however. You have done a much better job.

  5. I can’t say how much I enjoyed these videos!! (And I find conference dressing to be a bear; planning for walking, temperatures, materials…I end up in black blazers, white blouses and nothing interesting).

  6. You just have THE best blog! Great inspiration every week, wonderful ideas (like these videos), exquisite writing, excellent sense of humor. Thank you for this space!

  7. The other dresses that made the trip = I adore the second link. That dress is so artfully cut.
    I concur – the videos are extremely helpful and I’m think I need to follow suit and try out clothing with a video.

    I hear Kim – I hate packing for conferences. I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard, yet don’t want to be a clone… *sigh*… I sit and sit and sit some more, so the fabric has to be forgiving. Knit dresses tend to win.

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