Longitude! The Virtues of Vertical Stripes

  Several weeks ago we caucused to discuss stripes and their virtues. The topic was so vast and complex that I could only cover horizontal stripes in that initial post. Now we praise vertical stripes. They say that vertical stripes are thinning, or lengthening, or elongating, but I don’t really think that’s true. They are, … Read moreLongitude! The Virtues of Vertical Stripes

Casual Friday: Vintage Floral Modernized

  Several weeks ago I posted some highly controversial musings on The Fatal Allure of Prints, in which I confessed a push-pull relationship with print dresses and suggested that the desire for prints might be sublimated more wisely in printed blouses. The print is very old-fashioned, which makes it interesting as a slinky camisole. Because … Read moreCasual Friday: Vintage Floral Modernized