A Slightly Madcap Dress

  We’ve discussed the virtues of dresses before. The ease of wearing a dress (efficiency, comfort) has caused me to allocate a substantial percentage of my wardrobe budget to dresses.   I write that as though I actually have a clothing budget that is diligently planned and then executed. Non, non. It is more accurate … Read moreA Slightly Madcap Dress

Casual Friday: An Arresting, Singular Blouse

  I am not thrilled to be falling in with the magazine and catalog editors who are now referring to every striking or unusual garment as a “statement” piece — e.g., statement blouse, statement skirt, etc. Had I started this trend, I would have gone with arresting or singular. But that ship has sailed, so … Read moreCasual Friday: An Arresting, Singular Blouse