The Best of the Year (2018)

Is it the end of the year already? So soon?
Let’s take a quick back at the year through a few different filters.

First, the filter of the strongest force in the universe: Mother Love. Although she would probably say that she loves all of my posts, here are my mother’s favorites from the year.

Second, the filter of our guiding principle — which is, It’s better to be smart than pretty. Here are my cleverest ideas from the past 12 months. There are a lot because I am very clever.
An Off-the-Shoulder Sweater rendered office-suitable when worn over a menswear shirt
Button Jar Dress layered over a dotted swiss blouse of the same color (Note: This was also one of my mother’s favorites!)

Bronze with Blue, a striking color combination
White on White on White on White, eyelet paired with a tonal print
You haven’t seen this post yet!

La Menina, a pattern combined with a stripe
The Fully Utilized Strapless Dress, a puffed sleeve blouse lines up with the neckline of this dress
DoP, all in meanswear suiting fabrics

Turning a Maxi into a Midi so that it can be worn any day
The Smallest Addition: a belt makes a distinctive sweater smarter
Re-Inventing the Slip Dress, creating a fresh look by layering a cap-sleeved blouse under a slip dress

And finally Je Non Regrette Rien. Or, put another way, “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and to laugh at them in our turn.”

Looking back over the year, I am pleased to note that I don’t look the same in every post. I think that there are a few distinctive concepts that run through the posts, but I am not even sure about that.
All of us at Directrice Global Industries, Ltd. wish you and yours a very happy New Year!
The Directrice and The Photographer
Mr. Orange

Philo Farnsworth
Our Unpaid Interns

In Memoriam: Harper Stxxxxx Nxxxxx.* (2001-2018)
There will never be another Harper

* Because Harper and I share a middle and last name, I have redacted hers to preserve my anonymity.

14 thoughts on “The Best of the Year (2018)”

  1. Nice Mr. Bennett quote 🙂
    Can’t wait until you post the purple belt outfit – That looks spectacular!
    I appreciate your blog like no other – thank you thank you thank you oxox

  2. What makes the Directrice unparalleled, in addition to her wit and charm, is the creativity behind each ensemble and the authenticity of her vision.

    • What makes the Directrice unparalleled in the style blog universe, in addition to her wit and charm, is the creativity behind each ensemble and the authenticity of her vision. Happy New Year, and thank you for all the delight you brought us during 2018.

  3. My favorite Jane Austen quotation AND my favorite blog! It’s an end-of-year bonanza. Thank you! And Happy Holidays. Farewell to Harper kitty.

    I’m looking forward to the post I haven’t seen yet. It looks a bit like holiday dressing–or am I just projecting what I’m shopping for?

  4. As Rhizophora has already said so eloquently, your wit, charm and creativity will always keep me coming back for more! I’m already looking forward to the first post of 2019. Happy New Year!

  5. This is such a great and impressive round-up. Harper would be proud! I am drawn to the second picture – weirdy green dress + white sweater. Cannot pinpoint why it’s so flattering but probably a combo of 3/4 sleeves, belt, and v-neck of sweater.


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